You Can Never Have Too Many Bins


Jenna Rose Big Bin BikesEtsy is amazing. Obvi. It allows thousands of artists and crafters to bring their wares to the market, and allows all of us to browse and buy their thousands of wares. But when I say thousands, I mean thousands and thousands and thousands. The housewares category alone yields 9,000 pages of results. That’s nearly 200,000 products! So you see what I’m getting at. It’s a bit of a bear to sort through it all and find the best of the best, or even just the really really good. Accordingly, I plan to do some sorting for you, and put my favorite products on display here, on the occasional Friday. Friday Finds? Finds on Friday? Something like that.

For the first installment it is my pleasure to shine a light on Canadian illustrator Jenna Greenberg, and her cool textile company, Jenna Rose. Greenberg draws all of her fabric designs by hand and screen-prints them with non-toxic pigments onto natural and organic materials. Her product line includes pillows, blankets, bags, and scarves, but my personal favorite are the big bins.

With kids, you can never have too many bins. They’ll hold toys, stuffed animals, costumes, dirty clothes, towels, whatever you have that needs corralling. But for some reason, the great ones are always way expensive (see some pricey favorites here and here). These however seem really reasonable, and the unique, hand-drawn patterns are oh-so cute. I love all three: Little Bikes, Houses, and Treehouse.

Jenna Rose Big Bin Houses Jenna Rose Big Bin Treehouse

Photos: Jenna Rose