You Need Stylish and Soft Burp Cloths


If someone had told me five years ago I’d be writing about a piece of cloth that you use to wipe spit-up, I’d have laughed hysterically. After all, I am a fashion stylist. But here I am and proud of it! But I also just have to acknowledge that while not a “fashion” piece per se, they are a fashion necessity because they save your clothes from getting spit-up all over them. And they really are something you are using all day long for months on end.

With my first baby, I bought the generic white cloth diapers that you use as burp cloths and they worked out fine. I never felt like I had enough of them and they went through probably thousands of washes. This time around, as a baby gift, some friends gave me a Lil Squirtz burp set and I have to say these things are amazing! Not only are they super cute, with patterns and a little monkey motif, they are incredibly soft. Which really does matter when you’re wiping your little one’s mouth again and again.

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They make a fantastic gift, especially for someone on their second or third because burp cloths aren’t necessarily something you keep around for the next one : ) They come two in a package and wrapped in a bow for $26.

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