You'll Never Sleep On Cotton Again




After years of assuming that thread count was the key to bed sheet bliss, I found a new alternative to cuddle in between — and it makes a great gift idea.

Rather than use traditional cotton or even jersey material, Sheex is made from professional-quality athletic materials, which feels heavier and softer than anything I’d ever slept on.

Yet they’re not designed just to feel better, but to work better. Two female athletes designed this “sleep fit technology” to regulate temperature (Sheex transfers body heat two times better for less interrupted sleep), wick away moisture, and breathe 50% better than cotton. We also found that they fit our pillow-top mattress better than most standard sheets, which tend to pop off at the corners. And unlike cotton that can look wrinkly, these sheets hold their sleek shape. (Yet we’d recommend sticking with a white or cream color, since the darker sheets can look a little shiny and…cheesy.)



If you’re stumped on what to get your parents or grandparents, or if you know an extra hot sleeper that tends to let off too much body heat next to you, Sheex are available at Bed Bath & Beyond for 159.99 – 219.99.

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