10 Fun Ideas for Lego Storage and Play

As a kid, I loved playing with Legos. As a parent, I am terrified at the thought of my kids loving to play with Legos.

The mess! The injured feet! The baby will inevitably find a small one and eat it! The mess!

But, as the boys get older and more obsessed with video games, I find myself wishing that they’d find an indoor activity to enjoy that doesn’t involve Mario & Luigi. And as I try to design their bedrooms, it occurred to me that they will finally be in a space that is their own. For the past almost seven months, they have had to share their lives, and toys, with their baby brother. And because that same baby brother has been known to eat anything and everything that he can find,¬†including rocks and Q-tips, they’ve been forced to stick to toys that are Oliver-proof. With the impending completion of the bedroom remodel, we can put gates up to their rooms to keep the baby out.

They can finally have toys that are unsafe for children who are less than 3 years old!

So, with Dylan’s 7th birthday approaching, I found myself perusing the Lego selection at my local Having their own space to play is one thing, but keeping all those little pieces off the floors and out of the bottom of my foot is another, so I also found myself surfing the internet in search of LEGO friendly storage and play spaces. I’ve got some great systems for keeping their other stuff organized, but LEGOs offer the opportunity for a whole new level of disorganization.

Check out a few of my favorite LEGO storage and play table ideas below and then tell me, do your kids love LEGOs? Do they have another tiny toy that they love? How do you keep all those little pieces picked up and organized?

  • DIY Activity Storage Table 1 of 10
    DIY Activity Storage Table
    The "lip" on the outside of this table will help to keep your little people from knocking little plastic pieces all over your floors. I don't know about you, but the bottoms of my feet would be super thankful for that extra piece of trim. There are plenty of drawers to store all kinds of Lego paraphenalia.
    If you're feeling crafty, the DIY Instructions are available from Etsy for $20.
  • Lay-n-Go 2 of 10
    The play mat, at 5' in diameter, is huge, which means that it's plenty big enough to keep a billion Lego pieces contained. The best part is that, when your kid is done playing, all you have to do is pull the drawstring and clean up is complete!
    Available from the Lay-n-Go website for $64.95.
  • Lego City Zip Bin 3 of 10
    Lego City Zip Bin
    This large bin is perfect for holding a plethora of Lego pieces, but also doubles as a road themed play mat. Simply unzip and your little ones can created buildings and vehicles to occupy their new city.
    Available on Amazon for $19.99.
  • Lego Top Table 4 of 10
    Lego Top Table
    A super basic table, the top is covered with Lego boards, so your kids can create all day long without worrying about the pieces slipping and sliding all over the top.
    Available on Etsy for $189.
  • Star Wars Fighter Lego Storage 5 of 10
    Star Wars Fighter Lego Storage
    Like milk and cookies (or pizza and beer), two things that go really well together are LEGOs and Star Wars. If your kid is addicted to both, they're sure to love this Star Wars Fighter themed carrying and play case.
    Available on Amazon for $10.
  • Lego Table DIY 6 of 10
    Lego Table DIY
    Specifically designed for older kids who love Legos, this DIY table will provide you with hours of child free time. I mean, it will provide your children with hours upon hours of entertainment. The top allows for customization, so kids are free to configure the Lego boards to suit their imaginations.
    For detailed instructions visit the Kids Activities Blog.
  • Storage Table 7 of 10
    Storage Table
    This table comes ready to assemble, so you can tell your friends that you built it and you won't really be lying! The only tool you need is a screwdriver, and after a few turns your kids will be all set to play on their very own LEGO table. The top lifts up to provide ample space for storage.
    Available on Etsy for $65.
  • Lego Table 8 of 10
    Lego Table
    This awesome storage table was made by adding a top to a few organizing units from IKEA. Paint the top to allow your kids to use it for any play purpose, or glue on pegged boards for LEGO play. The bins are the perfect place to keep all sorts of LEGOs and accessories.
    More information can be found here.
  • Lego Storage Center 9 of 10
    Lego Storage Center
    If your kid is a Lego fanatic, they will adore this Lego themed storage unit. With a big bottom bin and smaller bins on top, it can hold all sorts of toys of different sizes.
    Available from Target for $79.99.
  • Lego Storage Bricks 10 of 10
    Lego Storage Bricks
    These bricks aren't just a great way to store Legos, they're actual working LEGOs, so you (and your kids, if you'll let them) can have fun building with LEGOs of a giant size.
    Available from The Container Store in different sizes and prices, ranging from $9.99 - $39.99.

Top photo credit: bdesham via Flickr

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