10 Gifts I Have Been Given Through Loss and Grief

10 Gifts I Have Been Given Through Loss and GriefPregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day is coming up. Chances are, if you have heard of this day of remembrance and have the date marked on your calendar, you’ve been through loss or walked with someone as they grieve.

The truth is, I don’t need a recognized day to remember and honor what I have been through — what we have been through as a family. 12 miscarriages and babies lost have been a brief part of this world, but forever a part of our family and the journey has not been an easy one.

Grief and loss is sadly a part of life, but it’s not easy to walk. There are times where you’re confused by it, angered by what you’re going through, fear that it will never go away and sometimes, through the fog you can see a lesson or gift.

I have fought hard to get where I am today. I am still struggling and I will forever have these experiences mould who I am as a person, but grief doesn’t mean forever being ‘broken’. As time passes and  your skin and heart get a bit thicker, you will never forget but you may start seeing small gifts this path has given you that you may not have been able to receive.

Click through to read 10 gifts I have been given through loss and grief:

  • An Understanding 1 of 10
    An Understanding
    I have this gift of understanding what my body is doing. I can feel when something isn't right and I have a great understanding in how to cope.
    Photo credit: adapted from Aristocrats-hat/Flickr
  • Peace in Chaos 2 of 10
    Peace in Chaos
    Loss have given this ability to find peace in all of life's chaos. The kids can be going crazy and I could be juggling a million things, but the noise is peaceful to me. A gift from loss.
    Photo credit: adapted from Sean MacEntee/Flickr
  • Stronger Marriage 3 of 10
    Stronger Marriage
    Loss can have a great hold on marriage. You may find you drift further apart or cling to each other even harder. I have been given this marriage that can withstand anything -- and knowledge that we can.
    Photo credit: adapted from glennharper/Flickr
  • A Deeper Love 4 of 10
    A Deeper Love
    I have a deeper love for life, for my kids, for my partner. The fights we've had to go through to get this life makes it so much more worth it.
    Photo credit: adapted from Umair Mohsin/Flickr
  • New Passion 5 of 10
    New Passion
    Through loss I experienced a grief that I can't even explain. Many don't understand it and with loss has brought this new passion of mine to create awareness and to give a voice to the pain for myself and others.
    Photo credit: adapted from thejasp/Flickr
  • Hope 6 of 10
    I know what it feels like to hope for something and to fight for it so hard it hurts. I have been given the gift of being able to hope for what I want and to hope for better.
    Photo credit: adapted from scotthyndman/Flickr
  • Confidence 7 of 10
    I have a great confidence in myself -- my ability to persevere, to cope, to rise above.
    Photo credit: adapted from Martin Pettitt/Flickr
  • Greater Sight 8 of 10
    Greater Sight
    I have been given the gift of greater sight -- to see the small things and to see what in life really matters.
    Photo credit: adapted from Mr Wabu/Flickr
  • Community 9 of 10
    Through my loss and grief I have come into contact with so many amazing people. There is a community of people around me, so much love and i may not have ever felt that without what I've been through.
    Photo credit: adapted from Vic Nic/Flickr
  • Patience 10 of 10
    There is something about going through something that could easily destroy you that gives you a sense of calm, of patience. I don't know if I would have as much patience for life's small obstacles if not for my losses.
    Photo credit: adapted from LouisvilleUSACE/Flickr

I want to hear from you — Please, tell me in the comments one thing grief & loss has GIVEN you?

Photo credit: adapted Sean MacEntee/Flickr


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