10 Hilarious and Awkward Holiday Photos of Big Kids


There’s something about the holidays that creates the perfect circumstance for awkwardness to ensue. Perhaps it’s the fact that relatives with strained relationships are forced to spend extended periods of time in one another’s company or that moms continue to subscribe to the belief that their families should all dress alike for the annual Christmas card photo. Maybe it’s because a major tradition of the season involves forcing our children to sit on the lap of a complete stranger and whisper in their ear.

At any rate, the flurry of picture taking that occurs during the holidays ensures that many of these hilarious and awkward moments will be captured on film for us to enjoy and cringe at for decades to come.

I’ve rounded up a few of my favorites from Babble readers, around the web, and even my own personal albums.

Do you have a favorite awkward holiday photo of your big kid?

  • Spreading the warmth of the holiday season 1 of 10
    Spreading the warmth of the holiday season
    I snapped this photo just as Santa realized Anders had shared more than just his Christmas wish list with him.
    Photo credit: The Daily Doty
  • Nothing says ‘Happy Holidays 1989′ quite like matching perms 2 of 10
    Nothing says 'Happy Holidays 1989' quite like matching perms
    This is my sister and I as kids. We still don't know why our mom thought perms were a good look for a 5- and 7-year-old.
    Photo credit: The Daily Doty
  • Santa has a shiner 3 of 10
    Santa has a shiner
    Kids can be brutal.
    Photo credit: Awkward Family Photos
  • Wrapped in checkers 4 of 10
    Wrapped in checkers
    I bet these kids were wondering why their mom dressed the family in a tablecloth for the annual Christmas photo.
    Photo credit:Awkward Family Photos
  • OMG! IDK why my mom makes us do this 5 of 10
    OMG! IDK why my mom makes us do this
    This family is staying true to life on their Christmas card this year.
    Photo credit:Huffington Post
  • Home for the holidays…by force 6 of 10
    Home for the force
    St. Nick better deliver on this kid's holiday wish list or else.
    Photo credit:Thrifty Fun
  • There’s no time like the present 7 of 10
    There's no time like the present force your kids to take a humiliating photo with you.
    Photo credit: Racked
  • Up on the roof top 8 of 10
    Up on the roof top
    I bet this family spent the holiday in the emergency room later.
    Photo credit: Buzzfeed
  • Holiday Life Aquatic 9 of 10
    Holiday Life Aquatic
    Being swim champions trumps Christmas.
    Photo credit: Awkward Family Photos
  • Oh! Christmas Tree 10 of 10
    Oh! Christmas Tree
    Instead of picking out the perfect tree this family has become their own forest.
    Photo credit: Awkward Family Photos

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