10 Things I Didn't Expect About Working From Home


I quit my full-time corporate job about five weeks ago and things have been awesomely interesting ever since.

I wished (and prayed and begged) for the opportunity to work from home with my kids for so long that I had definite ideas about how magical it was going to be. While being home was been fantastical in a whole lotta ways, it’s also been very different than I suspected.

Check out the top 10 things I was not expecting about working from home:

  • Mail would become the highlight of my day 1 of 10
    Mail would become the highlight of my day
    Wow, sad isn't it? A 20% off coupon for Bed, Bath & Beyond?! Hells yeah! The daily walk down the driveway to the mailbox has become way too exciting for me.
  • I am not, nor will I ever be Suzy Homemaker 2 of 10
    I am not, nor will I ever be Suzy Homemaker
    When I was working full-time, I fooled myself into believing that if I ever had the chance to stay home I'd cook every night and keep a spotless house. Yeah, right.
  • The stress doesn’t go away 3 of 10
    The stress doesn't go away
    Working from home brings its share of unique stressors. Instead of worrying about year-to-date bookings and revenue like I used to, I worry about getting ANYTHING done with kids in the house.
  • Kids are a lot of work 4 of 10
    Kids are a lot of work
    Um, duh. Look, I already knew this but I didn't like "know know" this before I was with them all day, every day.
  • It’s amazing what I can’t get done 5 of 10
    It's amazing what I can't get done
    I always thought, "If I only had the time!" Now I have the time and I STILL can't get it done.
  • I’d gain weight 6 of 10
    I'd gain weight
    Turns out, working 12 hours a day and pacing those long hallways of my office building was good for at least a little exercise. Running around my three bedroom home somehow hasn't yielded the same result.
  • Getting up in the morning is still hard 7 of 10
    Getting up in the morning is still hard
    I am getting three more hours of sleep A DAY since I left my job and yet, getting up is still hard! What's up with that?
  • We eat a lot of food 8 of 10
    We eat a lot of food
    When you're eating all three meals at home every day, you not only go through a lot of dishes, you go through a lot of food! Who knew?
  • Every day is like Groundhog Day 9 of 10
    Every day is like Groundhog Day
    As much as working outside the home felt like a daily grind, something new and interesting was always happening. At home, new and interesting consists of a washer on the fritz or a burned meatloaf. Alert the media!
  • Complaining is not allowed 10 of 10
    Complaining is not allowed
    For the most part, people who work outside the home aren't so sensitive to the plight of those working from home. I get it; I didn't used to be either. Anyone working in their jammies has to be happier than someone climbing the corporate ladder in heels...right?

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Have you made the transition to SAHM or WAHM? What surprised you the most?

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