10 Things I Hope My Sons Never Do


Kids mess up. It’s kind of their job. And they do it well.

It’s our job as parents to love our kids when they screw up, teach them right from wrong, and ultimately serve as an example of righteousness…or so I read somewhere.

As a mom I’ll love my kids no matter what they do, but I sure as hell hope they grow up to be young men with conscious and character.

Check out these 10 things I hope my sons never do – after the jump!

  • Forget each other 1 of 10
    Forget each other
    Once upon a time these kids were the best of friends. May they continue to be a source of love and support for each other long after I'm gone.
  • Be anything less than themselves 2 of 10
    Be anything less than themselves
    Honor your unique gifts and talents. There has never been another quite like you.
  • Live at home forever 3 of 10
    Live at home forever
    Boys, I'll love you forever...from your own address.
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  • Be careless with another’s heart 4 of 10
    Be careless with another's heart
    I can hate the player and and the game. Hearts are fragile; treat them with special care.
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  • Grow bitter 5 of 10
    Grow bitter
    The seed of bitterness bears no fruit. Let go of disappointments and negativity and focus on goodness and gratitude instead.
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  • Sell out 6 of 10
    Sell out
    You can't put a price on your personal happiness, so don't even try.
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  • Bully anyone 7 of 10
    Bully anyone
    Using fear and intimidation for personal gain is WRONG.
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  • Blame others for their mistakes 8 of 10
    Blame others for their mistakes
    Personal accountability is the hallmark of maturity. Own your mistakes and move on.
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  • Be a doormat 9 of 10
    Be a doormat
    Be a man and stand up for yourself!
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  • Take the easy way out 10 of 10
    Take the easy way out
    Nothing worthwhile ever came easily. Work hard, act kind, and do the right thing.
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What do you hope your kids never do?

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