9 Things I Learned While Road Tripping

Last night my family and I returned home from a road trip up to Northern California.

With new sights  and new snacks, the kids and I handled the drive up pretty well while my husband took the wheel. We arrived on schedule and in good spirits.

The drive home wasn’t nearly as sublime thanks to horrid traffic, the tragic loss of 3G, and kiddos off their poop schedules.

You learn things – strange things – while road trippin’ it with your family. Sure, you live with these people but once packed inside the confines of 87.6 cubic feet with anything you might possibly need in the event of feast, famine, or fever, you get to know your familials perhaps better than you even wanted to.

  • He who drives controls the music 1 of 9
    He who drives controls the music
    Well hell, if I had known this was the rule I would have never, ever let my husband drive. Seriously, 7 hours of Deadmau5 was enough to make me wanna drink a 40 at each pit stop.
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  • Even Eddie Vedder doesn’t know… 2 of 9
    Even Eddie Vedder doesn't know...
    ...the words to Pearl Jam's "Yellow Ledbetter". I tweeted that fact while on the road and a Twitter buddy replied, "Is that the one that goes 'enna ho enna hey enna ho enna hey then I fall out of bed'?" Yep, that's the one.
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  • Car sickness can actually be prevented 3 of 9
    Car sickness can actually be prevented
    Who knew? My normally carsick kids made it through 18 hours of road travel without a single gag thanks to these 18 Drug-Free Tips for Preventing Car Sickness.
  • Scenery pictures are lame 4 of 9
    Scenery pictures are lame
    Ooo look, a farm! Even at 80 mph that farm is exciting IRL. That same farm is totally lame four days later while viewing pictures from your travels.
  • It can rain bird crap 5 of 9
    It can rain bird crap
    No really, it can. I saw it with my own eyes. Here my husband takes the role as a gas station attendent scraping the remains of 1.2 billion insects and their poop off our windshield.
  • Mountain driving is scary 6 of 9
    Mountain driving is scary
    OK, so this picture looks all easy peasy mountain driving but that's only because I was balled up in the fetal position while grasping onto the Jesus handles during the scary parts.
  • A car can feel a lot like jail 7 of 9
    A car can feel a lot like jail
    Humans are not supposed to be confined to an automobile for hours and hours and hours. In fact, jail is a lot more pleasant. At least there's no Deadmau5 and you can pee whenever you have to.

    [Image credit: Shutterstock]
  • My youngest doesn’t understand… 8 of 9
    My youngest doesn't understand... car doesn't come with a fully stocked refrigerator. Yes, I brought snacks a plenty but that didn't keep him from asking for the most random, non-roady foods imaginable. "Mommy, can I have cereal? Mommy can you make me some eggs? Mommy can I have ice cream?"

    [Image credit: Shutterstock]
  • Men and boys like to fart 9 of 9
    Men and boys like to fart
    In the car. With the windows closed. A lot. And laugh about it.

    [Image credit: Shutterstock]

Are you and your family road warriors?

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