10 Things I Would Rather Be Doing Than Parenting While I'm Sick


10 Things I Would Rather Be Doing Than Parenting While I'm Sick:: Ah-Ah-CHOO! ::

I’m so sorry, friends! I have fallen victim to the first flu of the fall season and this mama feels like something has run me over.

My head throbs, my face hurts, my nose is stuffy and runny and sneezey  I have a fever and my body aches so bad I swear my hair hurts.

My whole body is screaming for me to crawl back into my room, pull back the drapes on the back light-blocking curtains and sleep the sick away. But, there are three little problems with my body’s plan:

Speed, Raru & Bean.

Apparently my kids didn’t get the memo that mama is out for the count thanks to a pointless seasonal flu. One of the perks of motherhood is there are no sick days, and yet there are so many things I would rather be doing than taking care of three kids while I can barely lift my head.

Click through to read 10 things I would rather be doing now:

  • Take a Nap 1 of 10
    Take a Nap
    In my own bed, not on the couch while the kids climb on top of me. Oh, that sound so amazing right now.
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  • Go Out On a Date 2 of 10
    Go Out On a Date
    I want to be pampered right now. I want to eat my favorite things and have some special me time. Nothing makes you feel better than that. I don't want to have to crawl to the kitchen to cook for my kids.
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  • Read a Cheesy Book 3 of 10
    Read a Cheesy Book
    Curled up with a big blanket and the second book of the Twilight Series. I want to zone out and not have to think. I don't want to fumble trying to read the 15th French book for my kids.
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  • Cuddle into My Big Blanket 4 of 10
    Cuddle into My Big Blanket
    I want to be up in my room, under my giant duvet in the quite. I don't want to be under a mountain of toys my kids have piled on to me.
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  • Go to the Dentist 5 of 10
    Go to the Dentist
    I would rather go to the dentist and get a cavity filled than this headache that is making my whole face hurt.
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  • Have a Bubble Bath 6 of 10
    Have a Bubble Bath
    I would rather be relaxing in the bathtub, the warm water and lovely scented bubbles. I don't want to be drowning in my own snot.
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  • Go Shopping 7 of 10
    Go Shopping
    I want to go spend some time away from the kids, some much needed me time and space. I don't want to listen to them argue over who had the longer turn on the computer.
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  • Walk Over Hot Coals 8 of 10
    Walk Over Hot Coals
    Yes, even that sounds far more appealing than taking care of three kids when my body temperature is as hot as coals.
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  • Watch Some Lame Movie 9 of 10
    Watch Some Lame Movie
    I want to be curled in watching a lame chick movie of my choice, with the volume low. I don't want to be sitting here in the living room listening to the kids tv show on blast. We got it the first time you repeated it cartoon!
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  • Be at My Parents House 10 of 10
    Be at My Parents House
    I want to be the kid today and have my parents take care of me. Funny how that works it's way around.
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