10 Things You Need to Know About Raising a Daughter


10 Things You Need to Know About Raising a DaughterI currently have one son and two daughters and am so thrilled to be able to parent both sides.

It’s interesting how they are as different as they are. I grew up with two brothers and a sister as well, so I knew some of what I was expecting raising my kids, but it’s fine to see first-hand.

There are some stereotypes of males and females that I have come to realize are pretty true when it comes to my life and raising my daughters. From make up to characteristics you should brace yourself for, there are some things about raising daughters that I would like to give you a big head’s up about:

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  • Dress Up Will Happen 1 of 10
    Dress Up Will Happen
    Girls love to dress up and shoes often become the first love.
    Photo credit: herval/Flickr
  • If You Have Two, They Will Fight 2 of 10
    If You Have Two, They Will Fight
    We often expect our sons to play fight (or real fight) with each other and the same can be said for our daughters. They will fight with their hands and their words.
    Photo credit: Aidan Jones/Flickr
  • They Like to Mimic 3 of 10
    They Like to Mimic
    Girls like to mimic their mama and they watch what you do at all times. They will pull from the good things and maybe the not great things. I believe I am an awesome mom simply because my mom was so awesome.
    Photo credit: HellN/Flickr
  • They Find Farts Funny, Too 4 of 10
    They Find Farts Funny, Too
    When your kid is around 4 years old, potty jokes and farts will be funny ... for boys and girls.
    Photo credit: anuarsalleh/Flickr
  • Hormones Start Early 5 of 10
    Hormones Start Early
    Much earlier than you ever thought.
    Photo credit: Jenny Lee Silver/Flickr
  • They Will Talk Sooner Than Your Son 6 of 10
    They Will Talk Sooner Than Your Son
    Girls love to talk and will start doing so sooner than our sons. They are great at expressing their thoughts and you should get used to hearing their cute voice a lot.
    Photo credit: Irene2005/Flickr
  • They Like to Sing and Dance 7 of 10
    They Like to Sing and Dance
    There will be a lot of music in your life with your daughters. They will sing and dance and will expect you to do the same ... even if you can't
    Photo credit: Orin Zebest/Flickr
  • Confidence is Key 8 of 10
    Confidence is Key
    Raising daughters confidence is important and will help set them up for life. Girls can hear a million great things about them, but it will take only 1 mean thing to tear them down. Be sure to help build that up and watch what you say about yourself too.
    Photo credit: frostnova/Flickr
  • They Reuse Their Clothes 9 of 10
    They Reuse Their Clothes
    There will be many times where your daughter will want to wear the same outfit over and over again. It's not worth trying to get them into something else. Just go with it.
    Photo credit: MelvinSchlubman/Flickr
  • They Will Always Be Your Princess 10 of 10
    They Will Always Be Your Princess
    They will grow up and may start families of their own, but they will always be your little princess.
    Photo credit: frostnova/Flickr

Photo credit: modified wmshc_kiwi/Flickr


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