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12 Adorable/Funny Videos Of Kids Falling Asleep In Weird Places

go the f to sleep

Kids never sleep when you need them to, always sleep when you don’t want them to.

That’s why Go The F- To Sleep is so awesome. It sweetly summarizes the frustration every parent feels after trying to let them cry it out, cuddle it out, walk it out, snack it out, wait it out, etc.

Sometimes it’s just impossible to get them to sleep. Othertimes, it’s insanely cute as they pass out eating string cheese, quacamole, cake, pie, on the toilet, etc.

Click through this list of 12 Adorable/Funny Videos of Kids Falling Asleep In Weird Places and ask yourself: why can’t they do that in their own bed?!

  • Falling Asleep While Skiing 1 of 13
    Falling Asleep While Skiing
    Bodie's had a hard day skiiing and fully passes out at the end of a run, standing up, on his skiis.

  • Asleep By The Wrong Ride 2 of 13
    Asleep By The Wrong Ride
    Amusement parks a long, tiring day even for kids that are too big for strollers. Just be careful when you pass out near the water ride, because the family will have some fun.

  • Falling Asleep While Eating Corn 3 of 13
    Falling Asleep While Eating Corn
    Corn is exhausting to eat. Really it is.

  • Falling Asleep While Dipping Chips 4 of 13
    Falling Asleep While Dipping Chips
    Think he'll land face first in the guacamole? Watch and find out.

  • Passed Out In A Burger 5 of 13
    Passed Out In A Burger
    This 3 1/2 year old had a hard swimming lesson and face plants in her Happy Meal.

  • Out Cold In The Shower 6 of 13
    Out Cold In The Shower
    Sometimes, as a parent, you just have to say "the kid is too tired, they don't need a shower tonight." Or you say "yknow what, this would make a funny video, grab the camera."

  • Nodding Off During The President’s Speech 7 of 13
    Nodding Off During The President's Speech
    Little kids aren't the only ones who get exhausted, high schoolers can get sleepy too. Here's one that probably shouldn't have chosen a seat on the stage right behind the President.

  • Face First In Pot Pie 8 of 13
    Face First In Pot Pie
    I'm so hungry, I'm so tired, I'm soooo hungry, I'm SOOOO tired.

  • Asleep On The Throne 9 of 13
    Asleep On The Throne
    That can't be comfortable, or maybe it is.

  • Asleep At The Wheel 10 of 13
    Asleep At The Wheel
    Austin passes out driving his new toy jeep with his foot still on the accelerator. They could show this in drivers' ed classes.

  • Waking Up Playing The Drums 11 of 13
    Waking Up Playing The Drums
    This video isn't so much about a kid falling asleep, but how he wakes up. Just before opening his eyes, he starts wickedly playing the drums to Breed by Nirvana.

  • Trying To Eat Cheese 12 of 13
    Trying To Eat Cheese
    Brendan just can't seem to get the last bite into his mouth. Probably because he's asleep.

  • Go The F To Sleep 13 of 13
    Go The F To Sleep
    Here's a clip of the audio book, perfectly read by Samuel L Jackson and censored for the entire family to enjoy.

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