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12 Questions Every Parent Dreads Being Asked

Kids are curious creatures. If your children haven’t entered the phase of endless questions, ‘why’s’ and pushing for more information … brace yourself. If you have lived through that and are at the other side — I am slightly jealous.

I love the questions kids ask and I always try to answer with truth — maybe not the whole, detailed truth but what I believe they are able to grasp and understand. There are some questions that I have been asked that took me a bit of time to compose myself — and there are some questions I know I will be asked that I just dread … because it’s awkward.

Click through to read the 12 questions every parent dreads being asked:

  • Where is Your Penis, Mommy? 1 of 12
    Where is Your Penis, Mommy?
    "Were you just looking at my girly parts? Um... crap. Girls don't have penises." Awkward.
    Image: photostock
  • Where Do Babies Come From? 2 of 12
    Where Do Babies Come From?
    "Well, when a Mommy and Daddy love each other...." Here ... have a cookie.
    Image: photostock
  • Why is That Person So Big? 3 of 12
    Why is That Person So Big?
    "Oh. No. Um ... crap ... ::did she hear that?::" People come in all different sizes.
    Image: photostock
  • Do You Have a Baby in Your Belly? 4 of 12
    Do You Have a Baby in Your Belly?
    "Um ... no, kid. That's gas ... and a big lunch ... and ... no." Is there a good way to answer this one?
    Image: photostock
  • What is That On Your Face? 5 of 12
    What is That On Your Face?
    "Um ... how did you see that? I tried to cover it up with layers and layers of makeup". Pimples suck.
    Image: photostock
  • Why is the Sky Blue? 6 of 12
    Why is the Sky Blue?
    "Um ... because that's an awesome color?" I have NO idea ... do you?
    Image: photostock
  • My Friend Is Allowed — Why Can’t I? 7 of 12
    "Because her Mom feels bad about something? I don't know ... I hate being compared.
    Image: photostock
  • Why Do I Have to Go to School? 8 of 12
    Why Do I Have to Go to School?
    "Do you have to ask this every morning?"Answer a question with a question.
    Image: photostock
  • Do You Love Me? 9 of 12
    Do You Love Me?
    Insert stab to the heart. If my child asks me this one, I see a lot more cuddles and reassurance in our future.
    Image: photostock
  • If You Can, Why Can’t I? 10 of 12
    If You Can, Why Can't I?
    "Because I am older than you are." Please don't come back at me and tell me how much older I am.
    Image: photostock
  • What Were You and Dad Just Doing? 11 of 12
    What Were You and Dad Just Doing?
    "Oooh ... um ... wrestling. Can you go now? And shut the door." Yeah ... that wasn't weird.
    Image: photostock
  • If I Were a Robot Could I … 12 of 12
    If I Were a Robot Could I ...
    ... shoot into outer space, circle the sun and throw confetti at the Earth? :: blank stare :: "Um ... I don't ... um ... know? I want what she has.
    Image: photostock

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