12 Things I Want My Daughters to Know About Men


12 Things I Want My Daughters to Know About MenMy girls are lucky that they have a great role model for men in their dad. I picked a great guy and he’s grown to be quite the amazing dad too. Along with their brother, my girls will already have some good insight into how men are different than women and it will serve them well as they get older.

Though the thought of it pretty much terrifies me now, there will be a time when my girls will be finding their own partner in life. I am so not ready to think about them dating, but men will always be in their life (if not romantically, than platonically) and there are some differences in the way men are made.

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  • You Need to Say What You Mean 1 of 12
    You Need to Say What You Mean
    Men don't think the same way that we do and they can be quite literal and don't read well between the lines. Say what you mean and it will be easier.
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  • They’re As Bad as Taking Direction as Giving It 2 of 12
    They're As Bad as Taking Direction as Giving It
    I can't explain it but they do hate asking for directions and they aren't that clear when giving them either. It's just something that they seem to be built with, don't try to change it.
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  • A Romantic Guy is a Keeper 3 of 12
    A Romantic Guy is a Keeper
    Romance is hard to come by these days. A man who takes time to help you feel special is worth your time and be sure to let him know you appreciate him too.
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  • He May Be Afraid of Spiders Too 4 of 12
    He May Be Afraid of Spiders Too
    The battle for who to kill the spider running across your floor may be a tough one to win because men can be scared too! It may not be spiders but sure enough a tough man will be scared of something.
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  • He Should Love You for You 5 of 12
    He Should Love You for You
    A man should never want to change you and you should never want to change him (as much as you may want to). There will be times where you just won't understand what he's thinking because he's a guy.
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  • How He Treats His Mama Matters 6 of 12
    How He Treats His Mama Matters
    If he's good to his mama, he'll be good to you. If he is too clingy to his mama, then you will have some living up to. But, you should never have to compete for his love.
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  • Size Matters 7 of 12
    Size Matters
    To him, even if it doesn't matter to you. He will want a bigger tv, faster car, more toys and yes, even a bigger...
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  • They Can’t Quite Multitask 8 of 12
    They Can't Quite Multitask
    They don't seem to be as good at doing a few things at once quite like a woman can. They have a crazy ability to zone people out and try not to take that personally.
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  • He May Cry, Too 9 of 12
    He May Cry, Too
    And that is okay. Even the manliest men are able to cry and please don't ever make him feel bad about it.
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  • The Bad Guy is Rarely Worth It 10 of 12
    The Bad Guy is Rarely Worth It
    You may be drawn to him, but he's not worth it. It will be fun for a while, but that bad guy will not really do you any good except give you grief and you don't need that.
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  • He Can’t Read Your Mind 11 of 12
    He Can't Read Your Mind
    As much as we want them to be able to sometimes he can't. You should do your best to be as clear as you can about what you want if you're wanting something from him.
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  • Guy Time is Important 12 of 12
    Guy Time is Important
    A guy needs to have time with his guy friends. You should be okay with that and go have some fun with your friends too.
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