13 Quick Energy Boosters (From N to Z)

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So, you’ve just taken your cold shower and now you’re putting on lipstick and sneakers so you can go out for a refreshing walk, right? Great! And don’t you feel energized?

Congratulations! You’ve mastered the A to M energy boosters and you’re now ready to move on to the next 13 power boosters that are sure to help your pep…stay in your step!

I know I’ve felt more energy thanks to some fresh winter air and a bag of nuts that now live in my car console. It’s amazing what small, quick changes can do to the day. My kids especially love seeing me have a some added energy. We’ve played at the park and had all kinds of fun. Imitating them really helps me feel younger and more alive. So far, my energy quest is a success on my end. Hooray for vitality!

How about you, are you feeling perky?

Are you ready for more?

Here are the next 13 energy boosters from N to Z…

  • N is for No More Super-Mommying it 1 of 12
    N is for No More Super-Mommying it
    It's hard to have energy when our plates are too full. It's time to eliminate the unnecessary and only expend energy where we have to. If that means only picking up the toys once a day instead of 20 times a day, so be it! Conserve energy!
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  • O is for Open the Windows 2 of 12
    O is for Open the Windows
    Allow some more light into your space by opening up all the windows. Did you know that light suppresses the production of melatonin which is the hormone that helps you sleep?
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  • P is for Project 3 of 12
    P is for Project
    De-cluttering a simple little space or starting a new project can really add an extra boost to our day. Doesn't it feel great to have a clean junk drawer?
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  • Q is for Quiet Moment 4 of 12
    Q is for Quiet Moment
    Finding a quiet moment to meditate is a fabulous way to clear the brain and re-energize for the day. So, time to find a quiet closet and chill for a bit!
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  • R is for Rub Your Ears 5 of 12
    R is for Rub Your Ears
    Here is a quick, one-minute, Chinese fix when you're in need of energy. Stimulate the chi in your day by giving your ears a nice massage. It gets the blood flowing which gets you moving.
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  • S is for Stretch 6 of 12
    S is for Stretch
    Drop what you're doing and put your hands in the air! Stretching your body also helps to get the blood flowing which is just the thing when you need a boost.
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  • T is for Take a Power Nap 7 of 12
    T is for Take a Power Nap
    Sometimes when our bodies are tired, we should listen and let them rest. A power nap (20 minutes) may be just the thing you need to keep you going.
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  • U is for Uplifting Relationships 8 of 12
    U is for Uplifting Relationships
    Surround yourself with uplifting friends and family. Having positive people in your life can only bring positive rewards. So, it's time to call an old, uplifting friend over for lunch and catch up!
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  • V & W 9 of 12
    V & W
    V is for Vitamins. W is for Water. Perk up with a daily multi-vitamin and some essential minerals (such as Magnesium), which are proven to help with energy. Don't forget to hydrate your body with a tall glass of agua.
  • X is for X out the Sugar 10 of 12
    X is for X out the Sugar
    Sad, but true..sugar isn't the fix for energy. It's an energy sucker, so lay off and reach for a better snack that's sure to help you through the day.
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  • Y is for Yummy 11 of 12
    Y is for Yummy
    Add a yummy power punch to your afternoon by blending up a colorful concoction of fruit and veggies. If you don't have the energy to do that, grab the keys and head out to a smoothie bar for a YUMMY, energizing drink.
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  • Z is for Z’s 12 of 12
    Z is for Z's
    It's time to go to bed early. Sleep deprivation is an energy killer. That's why I'm signing off now and going to hit the pillow. Tomorrow is a big day and I need all the energy I can get!
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