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Listen Up Husbands – 14 Things You Should Not Say To Your Wife

By Devan McGuinness |

I am no expert in relationships and I don’t really plan to ever become one. I am married and would say ‘happily’ for going on 8 years now (yeah, that makes me feel old!) and we have been together for 13 years, since high school. Marriage has it’s ups and downs and peeks and valleys and is a relationship that takes work as two people change and grow and grow-up.

My husband is a pretty awesome guy. He brought me all my cravings when I was pregnant, held my hand and protected my heart through our hard times and knows how to make me laugh like no one else can. We have this great partnership that’s necessary for us to raise our children and they are lucky to have him as well.

He is a dude though and sometimes the wires get crossed between what I’m trying to say and what he hears. I won’t confess if he’s ever said any of these phrases, but I can assure you if he has/does — he will get a good talking to.

Click through to read 14 phrases you should not ever say to your wife — if you want a happy marriage:

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14 Things You Should Not Say To Your Wife

"Yes, you do look fat in that."

You know, sometimes we may look a little chunky in what we are wearing, but never answer the question so bluntly.
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:: What’s your advice for the husbands? What should they be sure not to say to their wife? ::

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9 thoughts on “Listen Up Husbands – 14 Things You Should Not Say To Your Wife

  1. Lynae says:

    I got a good laugh out of the sock one, that is my husband exactly! And his pants and his sweaters. He is always stashing them on the floor of the closet or leaving them in the bathroom…he’s worse than the kids!

  2. jess says:

    I think these are things that could really go either way. I’m sure a guy would not want to hear at least half of these things directed at him. I think both parties in a relationship need to be a little mindful of what they say to each other since a few of these seemed like absent minded comments. I wouldn’t want them directed at me from my hubby and I’m sure he would feel the same :)

  3. Melanie says:

    A husband should never say, “Remember when you would look good in that?”

  4. Mary says:

    I had to remind my oldest son last year to never say, “You’re not my mother!” to his wife. We do not want to be your mother so quit doing crap that makes us feel like you need one!

  5. Mary says:

    I hate to hear, “Just chill out.” or “Don’t worry about it.” Well, the car is not going to repair itself and obviously someone needs to be concerned about the thumping noise it makes around left hand turns when you accelerate.

  6. Enigma says:

    The one about a dress making someone look fat? I’ve said that before and gotten away with it while clothes shopping. Usually, I follow it up with, “It looked good on the rack, but the dress designer just tailored it wrong. There were some other items you grabbed that looked like they’d fit you much better and I know you have excellent taste in clothing anyway.”

    Nine times out of ten? I’m criticizing an outfit she didn’t like anyway and just reaffirming her decision not to buy it. And by blaming the design of the dress and not her body for the way it fits (and, usually, it’s the design of the dress and not her body) I’m reaffirming that she’s not the reason the outfit looks bad on her.

    I will also say that, often, if I tell a date to chill out or relax, it’s because I’m trying to think and am being distracted by her emotional state. The rest of the time? Well, the women in my life tend to have short tempers at times, and I’m just trying to keep them out of jail (especially since I can’t afford to post bail for them half the time).

  7. Chrystine Collins-Blums says:

    Inappropriate choice of photo. How would the audience feel if the article was “Things to Never Say to a Man” and there was a “funny” pic of a woman being slapped “playfully”? Such a double standard. It was a huge turn off for me.

  8. Mary from Texas says:

    the worst I ever heard was when I inquired how I looked leaving for a important appointment dressed up. I was told, ” I was going to say you look nice but since you asked it would seem fake.”

  9. fredrick johnson says:

    telling your wife that you nolonger beautiful for me.

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