15 Things I Want to Do Before My Daughter Moves Out

When I look down the road of life I see Addie graduating from high school with a full ride scholarship to the University of Utah for gymnastics. She’ll move in with my parents, go to school and never make any bad decisions.

Who’s still with me?

The reality is Addie could move out before she’s 18 (I moved out at 17) or she could live with me until she’s 40. There’s no telling what could happen in the next 11 years but I do know that I have goals and dreams in place for myself. I used to ask my parents what they wish they would have done differently with their lives and my mom would always say “I wish I would have been a news reporter.” and my dad would say “I wish I could have played golf professionally.” I’m pretty much exactly where I want to be in my life, but I also have things I want to do in the next decade and specific things I want to do with Addie before she theoretically moves out at 18. Some of them involve her while others are things I want to accomplish on my own, having her see me accomplish them is a bonus and will hopefully give her the courage to speak her dreams out loud and follow through with them no matter how crazy they sound or old she is when she accomplishes them.

  • Throw her a surprise birthday party. 1 of 15
    Throw her a surprise birthday party.
    Birthdays are a giant enormous deal to me and I truly believe there is nothing better than a surprise birthday party (even though I've never had one.) I will pull one off for her one day.
  • Win a blue ribbon at the state fair. 2 of 15
    Win a blue ribbon at the state fair.
    I've entered the Indiana State Fair for the last two years and have done okay, but she knows as well as I do that blue is the best and I want her to see that persistence will one day pay off.
  • Take her to Disneyworld while she still believes in magic. 3 of 15
    Take her to Disneyworld while she still believes in magic.
    While Disney is magical at any age, she's right in the age where it is most magical. Part of her wants to grow up while the other part of her is very much a little girl. I want to take the little girl part of her to Disneyworld and shush up the part that wants to grow up so badly.
  • Graduate with another degree. 4 of 15
    Graduate with another degree.
    She's watched her dad graduate with his bachelor's and law degree. I have a degree in graphic design and want to go back to get another degree someday soon.
  • Grow a successful garden. 5 of 15
    Grow a successful garden.
    Unless it's a mammal, I generally kill things, specifically plants. I have every intention of planting a garden this summer and fully expect to flop on my first try. But practice makes perfect, right?
  • Take her to New York City. 6 of 15
    Take her to New York City.
    I've always said that had I gone to NYC before I married Cody I would have been the girl that spent every last penny on a plane ticket, packed up every belonging and moved to New York just to see what would happen. I love New York with my whole heart, I've promised to take Addie there and one day I will.
  • Fund another family’s trip to a temple. 7 of 15
    Fund another family's trip to a temple.
    In my religion going to the temple is a very big deal. For most people it isn't too difficult to find the time or resources to go to the temple, however some families will save their entire lives and travel days, sometimes even weeks, to attend a temple once. I hope someday to be able to fund a family's trip to the temple.
  • Teach her to drive a stick. 8 of 15
    Teach her to drive a stick.
    My first car was a manual, I picked it because a boy I once had a wild crush on said "Girls who know how to drive manuals are sexy." SOLD. It was 5 years into our marriage before Cody was aware I knew how to drive a stick (and well, might I add.)
  • Rescue a dog. 9 of 15
    Rescue a dog.
    We've already rescued our two cats, next is a dog. I may not be a dog person, but I am a rescue person. And if we can give a home to a dog that needs one? So be it.
  • Perform on stage. 10 of 15
    Perform on stage.
    I grew up performing on stage. One day I'll get back up there, hopefully doing Shakespeare, but I'm not picky.
  • Shoot a birth story on another continent. 11 of 15
    Shoot a birth story on another continent.
    For the very first time last year I spoke this dream out loud and a very funny string of events fell into place that could make this dream a reality much sooner than I had imagined.
  • Renew my vows. 12 of 15
    Renew my vows.
    Oh how I love my husband. Our 11th anniversary is this year and one day we will renew our vows with our girls there and it will be everything our first wedding wasn't.
  • Sleep under the stars with her. 13 of 15
    Sleep under the stars with her.
    I can remember camping as a little girl in the middle of the desert with my mom, I had never ever seen so many stars and I want to have that same memory with Addie.
  • Take her prom dress shopping. 14 of 15
    Take her prom dress shopping.
    It doesn't have to be to prom, maybe we'll just buy fancy dresses and head to the Spaghetti Factory together. Addie wholly believes in the power of a fancy dress and so do I. I'm hoping to remind her of that power come high school.
  • Win a trophy. 15 of 15
    Win a trophy.
    I've never won a trophy. I really want to. Preferably one with my name engraved on it that I have to go up on stage to a standing ovation to receive.

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