2 Basic Halloween Activities I Never End Up Doing


File:Pumpkins2009.jpgI have big plans for Halloween this year that I really want to follow through with. All five of my family members are going to be vampires! Doesn’t that sound great? I watched this video on how to make a no-sew cape a month ago. It’s going to be so easy. I still haven’t bought the materials to actually make the capes.  I haven’t bought the fangs or the fake blood. I haven’t even bought a pumpkin to carve. Time’s almost up! Halloween is five days away! Shouldn’t I be out shopping? I feel bad that Halloween is quickly approaching and my same apathetic feelings for the holiday’s basic traditions are coming back to haunt me. This happens every year!

Carving a pumpkin and stressing over a homemade costume are two the worst things about this holiday for me.  I know those are basic Halloween traditions, but oh my! What a drag. I love attending parties and going trick-or-treating and eating candy! I can do those things really well! Here’s how I get to do the Halloween activities I like and avoid the once I don’t:

I turn Halloween into a month-long party! That way I can avoid carving pumpkins and making costumes. Every weekend in October has focused on something pumpkin/harvest/goblin-related. We took a trip to the Botanical Garden to visit a pumpkin patch and see scary costumes. My husband and I went to a Fall party.  Last weekend my kid’s school had a Fall Festival. We spent one afternoon decorating our front door with ghosts. This weekend we’re going to a Halloween party at my church. Then Monday, of course, we’re going out trick-or-treating. Oh! And the kids are also having a costume parade at their school. Can’t forget that!

So I’ve done enough Halloween celebrating to make up for my lack of desire to carve a pumpkin or dress my kids up. Don’t you think? On the night of Halloween, I might have all the kids go into their dress-up box and wear whatever they want.  They might look really pathetic but that won’t stop them from getting candy and having a good time!

What are your plans for Halloween? Keeping the pumpkin carving tradition alive? Or attending every party in sight? Both?! I think I should stop telling people that we’re going to be vampires. Although with my track record, they probably already know that. I’ll see you at the party!