20 Hilarious Letters Written by Kids


A few weeks ago, Dylan took it upon himself to write his Grandpa a letter. It was the first time he’d done it, and, obviously, we thought it was the cutest thing we’d ever seen. I was insanely proud of him for spelling “night” correctly. Until I saw how he spelled “granpa,” “befor” and “crismiss.” Oh well, he’s six.

But, while his letter is adorable and sweet, it’s not unintentionally funny or mean spirited. And, let’s be honest, those are the most entertaining notes from kids.

I dug through the internet and found 20 of the funniest letters that have been written by children. Check them out below and then tell me, have your kids ever written an unintentionally hilarious letter?

  • Hello Mother, Hello Father 1 of 20
    Hello Mother, Hello Father
    If I were this kid's mother, I'd be VERY worried about what was going on at this camp.
    Source: Boing Boing
  • Merry Christmas! Oh, and You’re Fat! 2 of 20
    Merry Christmas! Oh, and You're Fat!
    Ah, kids. Their honesty is so charming.
    Source: I Am Bored
  • Dear Teacher: I feel MEH about you. 3 of 20
    Dear Teacher: I feel MEH about you.
    I hope this was written at the END of the school year!
    Source: Passive Aggressive Notes
  • I’m Running Away. Here’s Where You Can Find Me. 4 of 20
    I'm Running Away. Here's Where You Can Find Me.
    I don't know, the "see you never again in my life" doesn't seem all that sincere.
    Source: Passive Aggressive Notes
  • Can You Divorce Your Parents Over a Haircut? 5 of 20
    Can You Divorce Your Parents Over a Haircut?
    This child REALLY likes their hair. And...they might be a *tad* melodramatic.
    Source: Passive Aggressive Notes
  • Dear Neighbor: You Are Making My Teacher a Wretched Witch 6 of 20
    Dear Neighbor: You Are Making My Teacher a Wretched Witch
    What's that saying? "When mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy." Apparently, that goes for teachers, too.
    Source: Passive Aggressive Notes
  • Mom: Fails at Cooking 7 of 20
    Mom: Fails at Cooking
    The story behind this is that DAD does all the cooking. Hopefully he helps with the math homework, too.
    Source: Passive Aggressive Notes
  • Dear Mom: I’m Not Tattling. 8 of 20
    Dear Mom: I'm Not Tattling.
    I suspect these kids get in trouble for tattling. This girl is trying to rat her siblings out while buttering up her mom. BRILLIANT.
    Source: Passive Aggressive Notes
  • Awesome Teacher Qualities 9 of 20
    Awesome Teacher Qualities
    I *completely* agree with this list. It should be in the New Teacher Handbook.
    Source: The Berry
  • No, YOU Farted! 10 of 20
    No, YOU Farted!
    This could never happen in our house, because when my kids fart, they make sure EVERYONE knows it.
    Source: Passive Aggressive Notes
  • This is Goodbye. FOREVER. 11 of 20
    This is Goodbye. FOREVER.
    Emily is a planner. Which will help her when she's living on the streets tomorrow after 9:30.
    Source: Passive Aggressive Notes
  • No Appetite…Too Sad 12 of 20
    No Appetite...Too Sad
    The "Love" crossed out kills me dead. Also, I have never, ever been too sad to eat.
    Source: Passive Aggressive Notes
  • No, YOU’RE STUPIED. 13 of 20
    I laugh when I think about how mad this kid must have been at the grammar and spelling corrections.
    Source: Passive Aggressive Notes
  • I Love You More Than Trees 14 of 20
    I Love You More Than Trees
    Awwww. That's so...sweet?
    Source: Passive Aggressive Notes
  • Think of the Turkeys! 15 of 20
    Think of the Turkeys!
    I actually spent more time than I care to admit trying to figure out who Lance is, and why all of the turkeys are being murdered via him.
    Source: Passive Aggressive Notes
  • I Hope You Never Die 16 of 20
    I Hope You Never Die
    But I'm sure as heck surprised your'e still alive today you old hag!
    Source: The Berry
  • Sisterly Love 17 of 20
    Sisterly Love
    I don't think she meant for it to look this way, but doesn't it appear that the heart is wielding a sword? If I were Nola, I'd be nicer.
    Source: Emily
  • Sandwich FAIL 18 of 20
    Sandwich FAIL
    I just wish I knew what kind of sandwich it was. Also, if that had been my kid, I would have given him liverwurst the next day, just to make a point.
    Source: Manic Mommy
  • Grandma’s House is Neat! 19 of 20
    Grandma's House is Neat!
    She meant neat in a tidy sort of way, not cool or fun.
    Source: Angie
  • Check Your Priorities, DAD 20 of 20
    Check Your Priorities, DAD
    This little girl's dad made her wait to go outside because he was watching football. I'm not a betting person, but I'd feel pretty safe putting money on the fact that she was a little upset about it.
    Source: Passive Aggressive Notes

If you find yourself wanting more, check out this collection of Letters to Santa and this collection of Letters to the Tooth Fairy.

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