3 Decades, 8 Years, 5 Balloons


Yesterday marks the 30th year since the day I was born. Today marks the 8th year since I found out I was pregnant for the first time. Today also marks 6 years since we first stepped foot in Indianapolis and decided it was for us.

April 29th. It’s a big day.

We’ve lived in Indy for half of our marriage, have been parents for more than half of our marriage and Addie was by far the biggest change we went through short of having to share a one bathroom apartment for years 3-4 of our partnership. (Kiss kiss 2.5 bathroom house with dual vanities.)

It’s a tradition that I take a self portrait on my birthday and this year Addie helped me by running the remote and making sure my camera didn’t blow over in the 30 MPH winds. The one that ended up being my favorite wasn’t even what I had in mind when I blew up five enormous balloons and set out into my backyard, but it encompasses everything I feel about my oldest kid. How far we’ve come, how much she means to me, how much she’s changed me and just how happy my life is with her around. (see it after the jump…)


This kid, she is my whole heart and this photo was the perfect way to begin a new decade in my life.

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