3 Surprising Reasons to Buy Organic


It didn’t take much research to convince me that I wanted to feed my baby organic fruits and vegetables. When I learned that there were over 400 pesticides approved for use on the produce we eat daily and that, even after a washing, 98% of conventionally grown apples tested in a study conducted by the Environmental Working Group were contaminated, that was enough to motivate me to make the switch.

As a mother, my first priority is always the health and well-being of my baby, but I was surprised to learn that supporting the organic method of farming comes with the added benefit of helping others.

Aside from the fact that feeding babies organic fruits and veggies is shown to reduce the level of pesticides in their own bodies (a level I prefer to keep at zero), organic farmers don’t have to handle the toxic pesticides or chemical fertilizers that can pose a hazard to them as well. So, in a way, every time I elect to buy organic I am contributing to the health of not only my own family, but the health of the farmers that grow the food we eat.

As an animal lover, I was also happy to learn that by law organic dairy cows must get a minimum of 30% of their nutrition from grazing in a pasture. This just seems like a more humane, natural, and stress free lifestyle for the animal and, I don’t know about you, but I want the cow that is providing my little one with the nutrition she needs to grow and thrive to be as comfy as possible.

As if the health of our farmers and an improvement in the quality of life for livestock wasn’t enough, organic farming practices also don’t contaminate our soil, rivers, or drinking water the way conventional farming can. In fact, if all of our nation’s farmland was converted to organic it is estimated that it would have the same carbon-reducing effect as removing 217 million cars from the road. 217 million!

Researchers are still unclear about the long term effects of pesticides, particularly on the growth and development of children, and I am glad that there are alternatives that allow me to reduce my family’s exposure to them. The fact that my decision benefits farmers, animals, and the environment just sweetens the deal.

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