5 Questions Men Should Not Ask Women


How many times have you heard that “there are no stupid questions?” We like to think that we live in a society that encourages questions, that rewards the inquisitive mind, that applauds those wanting to learn more by asking questions. So yes, asking questions is good. Very good.

Unless you are a man asking certain questions. Of a woman. Because there are no rewards for asking those questions. And many, many punishments.

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  • When are you due? 1 of 5
    When are you due?
    I shouldn't even have to say this, but never, ever ask a woman any question that implies that she is pregnant. If she is not pregnant, you will become that guy who asked a woman if she was pregnant. People have been exiled for less.
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  • Are you getting your period, or something? 2 of 5
    Are you getting your period, or something?
    Do. Not. Ask. This. Question. But here are some great questions to ask instead!
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  • Want to get me a beer? 3 of 5
    Want to get me a beer?
    If you are asking someone to get you something, start the sentence with a "could you please." Let me reassure you that it is no one's desire to get you a beer.
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  • What are you, a feminist or something? 4 of 5
    What are you, a feminist or something?
    I've been asked this question by men who thought that feminism was a joke and an insult. Of course I am a feminist who thinks that women should get equal pay for equal work, so what do I know?
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  • The laundry’s not done, what DID you do all day? 5 of 5
    The laundry's not done, what DID you do all day?
    Any man who asks this question has obviously never spent a full day taking care of children and/or catching up on a Law & Order marathon.
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