5 Single Mom Stressors Of Late And How I Dealt

1. GF Carlo is a total beach bum and by beach bum I mean, bum. Sorry Car, throwing you under the bus here. It was too hot for my 63-year-old mom to hang on the beach this weekend so this means JD was all mine. The only time I got to relax was when he was eating a turkey sandwich in front of me or playing in the kiddy pool in front of me. This equated to 15 minutes of five hours. It was fun, don’t get me wrong, but exhausting and Carlo wasn’t in helper mode. He was in, I-work-all-week-I-need-to-rest-mode. To say I wasn’t jealous of my parent friends and their way of taking turns with the kids is a LIE. I truly admired this tag-team approach, but found my own peace when JD’s sandy little hand slipped into mine and we walked along the shore while waves crashed at our calves. I found my own break.

2. On the way home from the shore yesterday it occurred to me that I had no milk or laundry detergent in my house. JD is a habitual milk drinker, especially before bed and I had a bag of dirty beach clothes to launder. JD was sound asleep in his booster and when I woke him up to run into the supermarket he freaked out. I wish there was someone in the car with me, so I could have ran in solo. Once in the store, JD begged for a Batman Pez and I declined his sugar request which caused him to tell the store I was “mean” and “he never gets anything.” The boardwalk, rides, pizza, ice cream, mini golf and games all weekend = never gets anything. He got a timeout when we got home. See, still winning, here.

3. When we got parked in the garage I had my duffle, JD’s duffle, purse, the dirty laundry, the beach bag and the newly purchased milk and laundry detergent to get upstairs. JD was in no mood to do anything but drag his blanky across the garage floor (ew), so we made two trips. This also caused JD to freak out, but I don’t leave him alone for quick trips to the garage because that’s when he’ll crack his head open. I considered the two trips + heavy lifting exercise. Go me!!

4. It’s a weird week. Fourth of July is on a Wednesday (seriously, calendar!). This means I needed to reschedule my in-house magazine days since I usually work on Monday-Wednesday-Friday. I am working Monday-Tuesday-Friday, but JD only has camp on my normal working days. Because I paid for camp, I decided that he would attend today and then Uncle Carlo would pick him up and drive him back down the shore to sleepover tonight and hang all day tomorrow while I’m working. This is kinda cool, because I have the night off and I obvi have plans (happy hour with my work wife + a late date). It’s just the planning and rearranging of schedules that gets me overwhelmed. For example, Carlo was supposed to get him from school today and that’s what the note to admin said, but then there was an emergency at his job (Carlo texted: “Going to Trenton. Can’t get Jack.” I was at my desk. Stomach sunk.) I had to call the school and verbally permit my mom access to JD and then I had to remind my mom that his duffle bag was under his cubby. Phew, I bought a diet coke and sat outside for 5 minutes and felt better. Ah, diet coke + yay, it’s back to the beach for me come tomorrow evening!

5. Even though it will be kinda cool to have a night completely off since JD will be by my mom at the Jersey shore, I’m sort of freaking out about being alone in my condo and not waking up to, “Can I have milky” and a nose kiss. I already miss him and I’m not even home yet. HOWEVER, I can sleep until 7 AM and not be jolted from bed at 5:45 AM. Silver lining.

Share some parent stressors of your own! And remember, prevail, parents, prevail!!

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