5 Tips for a Mess-Free Feeding Session with Kids

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I don’t know if you know this, but I am my mother’s daughter. Meaning, I am a second-generation super-clean, not a splatter undetected, white glove-clean kinda gal — or at least I used to be before I had kids. As you undoubtedly know, adding a kid or two to the mix makes keeping a pristine house, or more specifically, a pristine kitchen a nearly impossible feat.

… or is it?

When my kids began the journey toward solid foods and self-feedings, I quickly learned that mess-free feedings don’t happen on their own. I’m sure you all can relate. Here are 5 tried-and-true tips to help you out.


  • 5 Tips for a Mess-Free Feeding Session with Kids 1 of 6

    You've heard of "clean eating," right? Well this is kinda like that only not really at all. Check out these 5 tips on how to host your own mess-free mealtime!

  • Suit up 2 of 6

    If your child hasn't quite mastered the art of self-feeding, you've already learned the hard way that feeding your tot puts you in the direct line of food fire. My advice: Suit up. Hazmat jumpsuits are a worthwhile investment as are goggles (not pictured). But seriously folks, consider wearing an apron or cover-up smock when feeding. Toss is on, toss it in the wash, and presto! Not a telltale carrot stain in sight.


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  • Prep the area 3 of 6

    What do you mean you don't sheet off the entire kitchen before feeding time? Okay, so maybe that's a little extreme but a wee bit of protection makes clean up so much easier. Consider a table cloth (I like the cheap plastic ones from the party store) that can be easily wiped down and reused without the hassle of laundering. Some folks swear by plastic sheeting under their child's high chair or table seat as well. Whatever works best for your child's eating habits and your home's dining area is what it's all about.


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  • Prep the child 4 of 6

    You suited up and prepped the area — what's left? Why your child of course!

    Personally, I'm not a fan of bibs — even large ones — because they never seemed large enough for the messes my kids could dish out. Instead of bibs I either had my kids eat topless (skin = super easy to wipe down), or I covered them with a beach towel poncho of sorts (old beach towel + head hold cut out in the middle). Yes, I did that. Yes, it looked silly. Yes, it worked like a charm! Clean kid after mealtime? #winning


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  • Less at a time 5 of 6

    The surest way to minimize mess and maximize the amount of food that gets inside your child's mouth is to ration the food at mealtime. If you're feeding your child, pour less food in the bowl at a time and refill as the food is consumed. Less food in the bowl means less mess when that bowl is accidentally knocked out of your hand by your arm-swinging cutie pie. For self-feeders, less food presented at a time means less food on the floor for you to pick up later. Keep refilling your child's tray or plate until the meal is finished. This simple trick yields big clean-up rewards.


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  • Keep supplies on hand 6 of 6

    Cleaning dried up anything is pretty awful. Keep your cleaning supplies handy to wipe up fresh messes as they occur, making final clean-up of the area a cinch!


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