5 Ways I Sneak In Me Time


Screen Shot 2012-09-25 at 2.12.19 PMAs a single mom and a mom in general, let’s face it—there’s hardly any time left in the day to zone out and do something for yourself. Here are 5 ways I sneak in me-time.

I enjoy coffee and music on the way to work. This seems pretty obvious and routine, but nothing pleases me more than a large coffee with extra skim milk, two sugars and the music on my iPhone. It takes me about 35-minutes to get to the magazine office without traffic and I love setting the music to shuffle and sipping my joe. By the time I reach my office I’m ready to face the day!

Going to bed when JD does. Remember when you were a kid and all you wanted to do was stay up late? These days I’m wiped out by the time JD closes his eyes. I take a hot shower and get under the covers. Reality TV or reruns of Sopranos on HBO does a body good.

Calling for quiet time. On the weekends, I call quiet time for JD and me. He builds quietly with blocks, draws, or plays on his iPod. I sit down on the couch with a book, magazine, or nothing at all. This lasts for only about thirty-minutes, but it totally recharges me.

Keep toys in your bedroom. I keep a big wicker basket of Lego in my bedroom, because JD is an early bird. During the week, rising and shining at 5:30 AM is no biggie, because we both have places to be, but I like to sleep in to at least 8 AM on the weekends. Now that JD is five, I feel like I can stay in bed and relax, while he entertains himself in close proximity.

Lunch. Most days I scarf a salad at my desk, but once a week I try to get out for an hour with my girlfriend, Jemma. We sit in a cafe, eat sushi and talk about non-kiddo things. It breaks up the work and mommy day!

Tell me how you sneak in me-time? 

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