5 Ways the iPhone is the New Chicken Soup


When my kids are sick, I want everything to be simplified.  All I want do to do is have them rest in bed with a box of tissues, an easy going movie, and my iPhone. Here’s how my iPhone is the new chicken soup.  

1. Seamless Web: I order everything without talking to anyone or giving out my credit card info using an app called SeamlessWeb. It stores all my info and I just tap until I have everything I want to order. And I can include a tip! The last time my daughter was sick, I picked her up early from school and caught a cab.  On the ride home, I used SeamlessWeb to order bagels, chicken soup, and a Gatorade.  By the time we got in our door, took off our jackets, our food arrived 10 minutes later. The soup was hot, the Gatorade cold. My daughter ate a little bit and fell asleep for the rest of the day. I was glad to have some warm chicken soup waiting for her if she needed it.

2. Flashlight App: Just in case my kid wakes up in the middle of the night, I can use this app so I don’t trip over a bucket of marbles and wake the whole house up. Everyone stays sleeping besides the little sick bear when I have my flashlight app with me.

3. Don’t Let This Pigeon Run This App. Oh wow! Have you seen this new app? Author Mo Williams can do no wrong. I love that he is the voice of the pigeon! I think I’ll hold out to download this until an actual sick day. The iPhone is great because my kid can lay on her side and play her games.  It’s small enough for her to hold without getting heavy.

4. Oh Amazon and your next day shipping. Gotta love that. Running low on tissues? Order a few boxes and wait for it to be on our door step the next day. In the mean time, use toilet paper of course! Have you tried their Subscribe and Save program? It automatically ships items consistently so you never run out. For a city mom without a car, it helps with the big stuff like paper towels and heavy laundry detergent. I use it all the time sick days or not!

5. Sleep: Have you heard of this app that plays natural sounds effects? I think it would have a soothing effect on my kids. Plus the screen shots look really pretty. If nothing else, it’s a relaxing way to pass the time.

So get your kids their flu shots and make sure you have all your iPhone apps ready just in case. What apps make your life easier on a sick days?

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