6 Awesome Things to Know About Canadians

6 Awesome Things To Know About CanadiansI am a Canadian and proud to be one!

It can be strange sometimes working for an American company with an audience (hi, guys!) who are mostly US-based because some things just aren’t the same. Not better, not worse just different.

There are spelling differences, differences in schools and how the school system works, health care differences, and humor differences too [side note: I have a red squiggly line under the word “humor” because here in Canada, we spell it “humour”]. I am a first-generation Canadian with a British father and an American mother so I have had a lot of influences from them, but being in Canada gives me a (well, in my opinion) a little special awesome that I get from being born and living here.

There are a lot of things that are misunderstood about Canadians, but some truths about some of the stereotypes as well. Fellow blogger Buzz shared with you in July some of the surprising things that were invented by Canadians. If you haven’t given that a read, do so after I share with you some awesome things you should know about Canadians first.

Click through to read 6 awesome things you should know about Canadians:

1) We have a really good sense of humor: there have been a lot of comedians come out of Canada and it’s because we know how to laugh and more importantly, we know how to laugh at ourselves and take a joke.

2) We don’t all have a weird accent that makes about sound like “A-boot”: I admit, I say it for fun when I am visiting the US because many people really think that’s what we say (thanks, South Park), but truth is we don’t. One province (Newfoundland) has their own accent, different than most of the country and that’s where that pronunciation comes from.

3) We aren’t all hockey fans: I hate hockey. There, I said it. We don’t all love it just because we’re Canadian. I … don’t even know the rules of the sport.

4) No, it’s not cold here all the time: We don’t live in igloos and have snow all the time. Today is 37C (or 99F for you guys). In the summer it’s not unusual to hit 114F here in Toronto, Ontario. Climate is different across the country, but we’re not all under snow.

5) We do probably say “eh” too much: I know I do, but I only notice it thanks to my US friends (::cough::) who like to count the eh’s every time we hang out. Sure, we say “eh” but American’s say “huh” a lot.

6) We are probably way too polite: We say “Thank you” and “please” and “excuse me” like no one’s business. It’s almost to a fault, but I like it this way.

Photo credit: public domain via Wikipedia


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