6 Best Heartfelt Blog Posts by Parents


Yesterday I shared my 6 favorite funny posts of the week, because goodness knows, we all need to laugh. Today I’m back with my picks of 6 blog posts that made me think, cry and reflect. I chose these posts because reading each one of them moved me deeply, made me think about parenthood and life and love and loss. Posts like the ones listed are the reason why I am so grateful to be part of the blogging community and why I roll my eyes loudly at anyone who demeans writing by parents.


  • Attack of the Redneck Mommy 1 of 6
    Attack of the Redneck Mommy
    Tanis sees baby pictures of her son and I don't think I'll ever be the same. Most powerful post I've read in a long, long time.
    From Hunny Bunny : She was young and so so stupid. But she wasn't evil. For all her faults I am thankful to her for the life she created, for the boy I call mine. Without her, there would be no him. I wonder if there would even be a me.
  • Lost in the Chaos 2 of 6
    Lost in the Chaos
    Annie writes about the small steps of victory in her battle with cancer and I cheered.
    From Baby Steps:In the war against cancer there are baby steps small victories that make you say DAMN RIGHT! I had one of those moments on Saturday.
  • Sweetney: Through the Fire 3 of 6
    Sweetney: Through the Fire
    An anonymous contributor writes beautifully about the mixed feelings of seeing her daughter with her ex-husband.
    From Steady Ground: I know this is good for her. I know it is best for her to have some type of relationship with him. But it doesn't make it hurt any less.
  • Two Busy 4 of 6
    Two Busy
    Falling in love is poetry.
    From Blue and Wonder:...incapable of holding back and denying myself the joy of you: your ready laugh, your nimble mind, your ambition and curiosity and horrible taste in music and inexplicable willingness to waste your time and energy on such a hopeless cause, such a ridiculous figure, such an unworthy beneficiary.
  • Baby on Bored 5 of 6
    Baby on Bored
    Reflections of a mom about her daughter who expresses herself in masculine ways.
    From What's So Bad About a Girl Who Won't Wear a Tutu?: What about girls who don't like anything that's "for girls" and identify themselves as a "girl who only likes boy's stuff"? What about girls like my daughter?
  • An Inch of Gray 6 of 6
    An Inch of Gray
    Anna's blog is one of my very favorites because her writing is so beautiful and honest. Like this post.
    From Weird? Well, Life is Weird: When it comes to An Inch of Gray, several good friends have asked, although not using these exact words, if it feels weird "getting popular" on the back of my dead son. I, too, have thought about that, but my answer is, um, NO. Not at all.


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