6 "Mom Things" I Actually Enjoy Doing {See, I'm Not Totally Grumpy}


6 mom things I enjoy doing (via few days ago I confessed some parenting things usually left unsaid — 6 things I should do, that I just really hate doing. They aren’t anything huge, but more the day-to-day thing we’re all just assumed to love, like cuddling. It felt good getting that off my chest and while there were some people who thought I was a total downer, there were others who felt the same way (which, always feels good).

In an effort to not seem so grumpy, which I admittedly am right now, I thought it would be a good idea for me to also share some things I do like. It’s been a hard week, so it was nice to visit the things that make me smile.

Click through to read 6 mom things I do enjoy doing :

  • Coloring 1 of 6
    There is something very calming to me when it comes to coloring. If my kids would let me, I could color with them all day.
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  • Wrestling and Playing 2 of 6
    Wrestling and Playing
    I love playfully beating my kids up (oh, that sounds bad!) -- I love when they use me as a jungle gym or gentle pillow fights. The giggles are always so loud.
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  • Learn French Together 3 of 6
    Learn French Together
    My kids are teaching me so much and that is awesome. I know a bit of French from school, but my kids are in an all-French school so they are learning very quickly. I love taking time to speak French to them and look up pronunciations of new words.
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  • Tucking Them In at Night 4 of 6
    Tucking Them In at Night
    They are so sweet when they are tired and the night-time ritual we have is just one of my favorites. Also, the whole time to myself thing after -- bonus!
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  • Picking Them Up From School 5 of 6
    Picking Them Up From School
    My kids take the bus from their school to another one where I pick them up and we walk home. That walk home is one of my favorites because I really love hearing about their day. Plus, excuse to be outside is always welcome.
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  • Cook For & With My Kids 6 of 6
    Cook For & With My Kids
    One of the biggest things I am thankful I know how to do and am passing on to my kids. We eat gluten and dairy free at home, but I still love cooking -- and love when the kids help!
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:: What is your favorite “mom thing” to do? ::


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