6 "Mom Things" I Hate Doing That Probably Make Me a Bad Mom for Admitting

Motherhood is not always fun and it’s definitely the hardest job I have ever had. It means the most to me and I want to make sure I do a good job at it. I have read a lot of books, looked at a lot of studies and listened to what my instincts tell me when it comes to how to raise my children.

I love honest people though and when it comes to motherhood, there isn’t a lot out there about the stuff that sucks about it … and trust me, there is stuff. Sure we hear the “Oh baby won’t sleep” and “I can’t get my kid to poop in the potty”, but there isn’t a lot on the stuff that we’re told we should do because it’s what moms do — that may drive us completely mad.

I don’t love doing certain things with my kids. Some of the things on this list I do to some extent because it’s important to me or them and some of it I just decided to refuse to do, because I hate it so much. And, you know what — that may make me sound like a “bad mom,” but I can’t be the only one and at least I’m honest!

Click through to read the 6 “mom things” I hate doing — & probably make me a bad mom for admitting:

  • Playing Outside 1 of 6
    Playing Outside
    I don't like "exploring the fun things" outside. The dirt, bugs and allergens are not fun for me.
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  • Going to the Playground 2 of 6
    Going to the Playground
    Hello, anxiety attack. I haven't seen you since the last time I took the kids to the playground. Not my idea of fun.
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  • Crafts of Any Kind 3 of 6
    Crafts of Any Kind
    I am so bad at them and it usually ends up as a huge mess that I have to clean later.
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  • Going to School Plays 4 of 6
    Going to School Plays
    The school plays where we have to sit and pretend to smile as the 7 or 8 different classes sing a song for us. Torture, there I said it.
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  • Building with Plastic Blocks 5 of 6
    Building with Plastic Blocks
    My son is obsessed and he is really, really good at it. Me, I hate playing with them because I have like no concept on how to make this square and this rectangle make the next best dinosaur-thingy.
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  • Cuddling, Yep, Cuddling 6 of 6
    Cuddling, Yep, Cuddling
    I have a very wide space bubble and I don't even like my kids in it. I get touched out easily and cuddling is not something I really want to do all day long.
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