6 Reasons I Want to Make My Health a Priority & Why You Should Too


6 Reasons I Want to Make My Health a Priority I am a mom of three kids and I have a husband who works a lot to provide for his family. Add in there my job and the kids school schedule and we have a very busy life and not a lot of down time.

I have been on this pattern for 6 years and I am finding myself falling further and further behind on the to-do list. Seems weird that I would be on there in the first place (though, right now I am not), but I think a lot of us mothers do this to ourselves.

I am trying to change this though because I want to feel better — emotionally and physically. It is going to feel weird to put myself as a priority, but I think that if there is a happy and healthy mom, that will filter to a happier and healthier family in general.

Click through to read 6 reasons why I am finally making my health a priority & why you should consider doing the same:

1) I want to reduce stress: Being a working mom with three kids and all the stuff they have going on combined has left me a little bit frazzled. I would love to work on my health — to better my eating habits and increase my exercise — which will help me manage all the stress better.

2) I want to lead by example: I could tell my kids over and over how important it is for them to exercise and eat well, but the truth is that they must see it. I can preach all I want, but if I am not practising it too they won’t take it seriously.

3) I want to increase my energy: Exercising and eating a well-balanced meal will likely lead to an increase in my energy levels. I don’t want to feel tired so often and I may not then rely so much on caffeine for energy.

4) I want to be happier: I think I will feel generally more happy if I have a better health balance. If all the things come together to reduce stress and increase energy, that’s bound to have a good effect on my mood.

5) I want to life to see those moments: I want to live until I am 100-years old. At 30-years old now, if I really focus on getting my health the best it can be now, I will have a better chance of living to that age or beyond.

6) I want to feel better in my skin: What lady doesn’t? I would love to have the self-esteem that I want and to feel beautiful when I am in a bathing suit and naked and happy with me.

These are all great points for you to get motivated to work on your health and fitness too. I think as mothers we often put ourselves at the bottom of the to-do list, but no more for me. I am going to start to make myself a priority.

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