6 Reasons I'm Already Saving for Their Future Therapy


One day recently I was walking my 4th grader into school. Without thinking, I instinctively reached for his hand at my side.

My son flinched.

So obviously I had no choice but to make a big show of it: hugging him dramatically, kissing his forehead repeatedly, and calling him “Mommy’s little honey bear” within earshot of the safety patrol. You know, normal stuff like that.

And guys, so weird! He didn’t appreciate my Mommy PDA.

All jokes aside, I try really hard to be a good mom. I’m patient, rarely raise my voice, and try to focus on daily one-on-one time with each of my three kids. Each evening we have dinner around the table and most nights when I tuck them in their beds I feel pretty good about the parenting choices I made that day.


As we all know, nobody’s perfect, and I, my friends, am far from it.

I spend too much time on the laptop when I should be reading to them instead. I’m liberal with screen time and don’t always follow through when I make threats. And there are things I know I do that I can almost hear being repeated from a couch in a therapist’s room in, oh, about 20 years.

Who’s with me?

  • I sing in front of their friends. Loudly. 1 of 6
    I sing in front of their friends. Loudly.
    This is what I imagine I look like, but somehow I don't think they have the same impression.
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  • That one time my 9 year old walked in on me using the neti pot. 2 of 6
    That one time my 9 year old walked in on me using the neti pot.
    I think he still has nightmares.
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  • I insist on taking cheesy holiday photos. 3 of 6
    I insist on taking cheesy holiday photos.
    Sometimes I make them dress alike and, you know, hug and stuff.
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  • This picture exists. 4 of 6
    This picture exists.
    Oh that? That's just me at my tap dance recital. They're just lucky I don't wear that cowgirl catsuit to the PTA meetings.
  • I write about parenting. On the internet. 5 of 6
    I write about parenting. On the internet.
    Yes, my kids' privacy is important to me and I do have boundaries. I don't tend to share a lot of things that would truly make for cringe-worthy moments later in their lives. Like this, for example.
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  • I don’t try to be the 6 of 6
    I don't try to be the
    I gave up on that long ago. We all have our flaws and we all make mistakes. All we can do is our best to get through it, and when we (inevitably) screw up, we know that tomorrow's another day. Having a sense of humor helps, because if you can't laugh at parenting— you might just need a time out.
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