6 Things My Son Can Learn From My Career in Social Media

I discovered blogging over 10 years ago during my freshman year of college. Blogging wasn’t really a “thing” though – it was just a faster way to journal thanks to typing. I didn’t even give it a second thought that it was public. Facebook wasn’t even a sparkle in Zuckerberg’s eye yet. It’s odd to me that now I’m in a career that didn’t even exist when I started college and by the time my son graduates, social media may be a major!

But now my bread is buttered by tweets and content creation and I love every moment of it. In turn, I’ve learned quite a bit over the past few years about being a true friend and what people really want from a business, all on social media.

Here are the things my son can learn from my career in social media:

  • Perspective is crucial. 1 of 6

    Sometimes I remind myself (and my coworkers) that while we take our jobs seriously and our words have the power to inspire or hurt others, we are not performing brain surgery. Nobody is going to die on the table if a word is misspelled or a Tweet is missed. Focus on what really matters.

    Son, it doesn't matter that everyone else went to PreK before you. You'll get there soon enough.

  • People just want to be heard and acknowledged. 2 of 6

    In my career, I've found that the majority of customer complaints have very little to do with wanting a problem solved and mostly to do with "Hey, I hear you and your concern is valid."  Social media gives easy access to customer service and other people, bringing the "big guy" down to an accessible level. People simply want to know that they are heard and that they matter in the grand scheme of things.

    So son, be kind and listen and be empathetic. It will get you so far in life, career, and relationships.

  • Balance is key to everything. 3 of 6

    Social media is a job that never sleeps. I could sit at my computer all day, every day, and still have things to do and monitor and replies to send. I could edit content repeatedly but then I'd miss the life that builds social media. It's just as important to me to get out, see inspiration, spend time with family and friends as it is to log client hours.

    So son, put down the cell phone and turn off the television and go explore the backyard.

  • Everyone has a story. 4 of 6

    It is easy to judge someone but the more I am in social and the more I read the stories of others, the less judgmental I am. Everyone has a story and a life they are living to the best of their ability.

    It's important to remember when someone hurts you or bothers you that they're just trying to live their life. So live your life, listen to their story, and help them as best as you can.

  • Relationships matter the most. 5 of 6

    The purpose of social is to connect people to the things that matter most - people, brands, purposes.

    Remember that real relationships can form online, but also remember that the best relationships are the ones right in front of you.

  • It’s okay to laugh. 6 of 6

    It's okay to be self-deprecating, to be silly and take the events of life and make them light-hearted. The world is so serious and social media can be a beautiful distraction and entertainment from the harsh realities that many of us face. 

    Just be sure to always know your audience, listen to their story, and act with an empathetic heart.

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Beth Anne writes words and takes pictures at Okay, BA! You can also find her on Twitter and Facebook.

Article Posted 2 years Ago
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