6 Things That Make Me Think 'I Can't Believe That's My Kid!'

Sometimes I look at my kids and I can’t believe that they’re mine. No, not just because they’re 14 and 11 and I’m only 23, so how did that happen? (Fine, I’m in my 40s. But I have a body of a twenty year old. In my car.)

Anyway. There are times when I look at my kids, and they are so stunningly beautiful (I may be biased) and look almost nothing like me, that I think “wow.”

But then there are other moments, too. Times when I realize that they are so different from me that I can’t quite believe that my DNA got so lost in there. And that’s when I wonder “how could someone so related to me be so different from me?”

It’s almost like they’re their own people or something.


Click through to see the six things that make me wonder: is that really my kid?!

  • They like their steak rare 1 of 6
    They like their steak rare
    Personally, I prefer my steak burned to a crisp, with nothing resembling blood oozing out of it. My kids prefer their meat still twitching. Ewww!
    Photo credit: iStock Photo
  • They are night owls! 2 of 6
    They are night owls!
    I'm an early bird and am often in bed by 11. If they had their druthers, my kids would stay up into the wee hours.
    Photo credit: Wiki
  • They don’t love to read 3 of 6
    They don't love to read
    Reading is one of my all-time favorite activities and I'm hardly ever without a book. Not my kids. They don't enjoy reading for pleasure.
    Photo credit: iStock Photo
  • They love to fly 4 of 6
    They love to fly
    Although I obviously accept flying as a necessity of getting from point A to transatlantic point B, I'm a nervous flyer and sort of hate it. My kids love it. Sometimes I think they'd fly to the corner store if they could.
    Photo credit: iStock Photo
  • My son prefers vanilla over chocolate 5 of 6
    My son prefers vanilla over chocolate
    Although I've heard of them, of course, I've never actually met a person who preferred vanilla ice cream over chocolate. And then I gave birth to one. Weirdo.
    Photo credit: iStock Photo
  • My daughter is non-squeamish 6 of 6
    My daughter is non-squeamish
    I almost pass out whenever I think about donating blood. My daughter can have breakfast while watching her grandparents' cat dismember a mouse.
    Photo credit: iStock Photo

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Photo credit: iStock Photo

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