6 TV Dads That I'm Glad Are Not Mine


Happy Father’s Day Month!

In order to prepare myself for the festivities, I’ve been thinking about how much some sitcom dad suck. Because sure, they may be fun to watch, but to have as a parent? Not so much.

Click through for see who’s on my top 6 dads that I’m glad I don’t have to spend Father’s Day with!

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  • Cliff Huxtable 1 of 6
    Cliff Huxtable
    Oh, I know Cliff was a beloved TV dad, but he always seemed to be laughing at the kids, not with them. And implying that there were a huge pain. Which they probably were, but what kid wants to hear that? And don't get me started on his sweaters. Get it from Amazon $39.49
  • Mike Brady 2 of 6
    Mike Brady
    Thanks for designing a house with one bathroom, architect dad!
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  • Archie Bunker 3 of 6
    Archie Bunker
    The bigot dad who called adult Gloria "little girl." I'm surprised Hallmark hasn't come out with a "thanks for being less of a bigot than Archie Bunker, Dad!" line of Father's Day cards.
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  • George Jefferson 4 of 6
    George Jefferson
    I'm sorry, if I lived with father who slammed the door shut as often as George Jefferson did, my nerves would be shot.
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  • Tom Bradford 5 of 6
    Tom Bradford
    I loved Eight is Enough but thought it was weird that Tom never mentioned the children's mother, who apparently died between seasons 1 and 2. Plus he remarried in season 2. And he married Abby who was only slightly older than Tom's oldest daughter.
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  • Frasier Crane 6 of 6
    Frasier Crane
    How many episodes did Frasier spend with his son? Two? Three? He did his best under the circumstances, but he was an absentee dad.
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