7 Things Parents Say That Bring Out the Drama and Make Me Cringe


We all know that kids can be annoying. I am sure that is something I am not supposed to say because people like to portray that parenting and kids are all roses. Not the case. A few days ago I shared the post covering the annoying things that kids say — things that drive me crazy.  It was comforting to know there were many of you out there who are also annoyed by certain phrases said by kids.

Today I am tackling the other side of the relationship: the annoying and drama-inducing things that parents say. We’re not perfect either. Click through to read the 7 things parents say that make me cringe:

  • “I Gave You Life; I Can Take It Away” 1 of 7
    "I Gave You Life; I Can Take It Away"
    Really, nothing like the threat of extreme violence to make your kid fall in line. Though I am certain (well, really hoping) that this is an empty threat - it doesn't exactly send a great message.
    Image Credit: Apikhomboonwaroot via FreeDigitalPhotos
  • “Youre Just Like Your Father/Mother” 2 of 7
    "Youre Just Like Your Father/Mother"
    Usually said in the context of negativity it not only belittles your child but your child's parent. Makes me cringe every time.
    Image Credit: Danilo Rizzuti via FreeDigitalPhotos
  • “Stop Acting Like Such a Girl” 3 of 7
    "Stop Acting Like Such a Girl"
    Negative insult said to boys - this one is terrible because of the insult and because it is using being a girl as an insult. Drama and cringe-worthy.
    Image Credit: Danilo Rizzuti via FreeDigitalPhotos
  • “Because I Said So” 4 of 7
    "Because I Said So"
    I believe it's important to explain things to your kids. If they are asking with sincerity I think it should be answered and not just brushed off.
    Image Credit: Michal Marcol via FreeDigitalPhotos
  • “Wait Until Your Dad/Mom Gets Home” 5 of 7
    "Wait Until Your Dad/Mom Gets Home"
    Lazy parenting? Threats? Not sure what this one is supposed to achieve but I can tell you with confidence that this one .. I hate.
    Image Credit: t0zz via FreeDigitalPhotos
  • “Stop Crying or I Will Give You Something to Cry About” 6 of 7
    "Stop Crying or I Will Give You Something to Cry About"
    Another threat. Another not so great 'parenting' technique.
    Image Credit: Ambro via FreeDigitalPhotos
  • Anything Said in a Baby Voice 7 of 7
    Anything Said in a Baby Voice
    It doesn't matter what is said - but if the parent (or any adult) talks to their child in that 'dumb down' baby talk it makes my skin crawl. Kids don't need to be talked down to.
    Image Credit: sippakorn via FreeDigitalPhotos

:: any phrases that drive you crazy? tell me in the comments ::

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