8 Reasons I Love My Kid, in Honor of Valentine’s Day


I’m not a big Valentine’s Day do-er, and I’m pretty sure that’s been chronicled loud and wide on the Internet. Maybe it’s because I worked at Hallmark in college, or maybe it’s that I have a cold, tin heart… but I’m just not that into the red heart holiday. I don’t think my husband and I have ever gone out on Valentine’s Day and after working at a retirement community where red roses symbolized death, I have a strict NO RED ROSE policy. Yesterday I begrudgingly put together 25 Valentines for preschool.

You know the Grinch? That’s me, but in February.

Last year I set a little stuffed animal, some chocolates, and a new book on the kitchen table as a Valentine’s “treat” for my son. He’s getting roughly the same thing this year — a heart of Skittles and a small Legos kit. If I can remember it, I’ll get my husband a bag of Snickers, but I don’t expect anything in return.

On the other hand, I can see some merit to the holiday, of celebrating the people we love and why we love them. It’s always nice to have someone say that they love you because you’re you, unique, awesome, special. So in honor of Valentine’s Day, to make up for the lack of confetti hearts in my home, I give you the reasons I love my kid:

  • He’s a wild child. 1 of 8

    Harry goes 90 mph from sunup to sundown. Often times friends come over and watch him literally run in circles around us and wonder how he has that energy and how I keep up with him. Answer to both? I don't know!

  • He has a gentle heart. 2 of 8

    He has a sweet, gentle heart. He gets his feelings hurt easily, but that means he never teases his friends and he's always quick to understand why they are hurting. He's a lot like his daddy in that way.

  • He’s a snuggle bug. 3 of 8

    My son was not a cuddler as a baby. Reflux had him screaming most hours, arching away from me, so I missed out on a lot of couch naps and cuddles. Now, my son adores to nap with someone, so weekend afternoons are spent with him curled up against me, snoring. Sometimes I snooze with him, often I read or just watch him like a creep.

  • He knows what he likes. 4 of 8

    I love 4 years old because my son knows what he likes and isn't ashamed. When he asked for a birthday cake with flowers and construction trucks, I delivered and he thought it was the best thing he'd ever seen.

  • He loves to read. 5 of 8

    Every night when he is fresh from the bath and rubbing his eyes with exhaustion, we curl up in his bed and read as a family. Sometimes it's a quick book, sometimes it's a full story, sometimes it's two. It's the perfect way to wind down the day.

  • He’s focused. 6 of 8

    He has this amazing ability to focus that comes from both his parents. It's why he's so good at golf and can tell you the names of every construction truck. I know this will serve him well as he grows.

  • He loves the outdoors. 7 of 8

    Camping, hiking, parks...he's game for all of it, all the time. Cold weather doesn't scare him off, and being in the sunshine is his happy place.

  • He’s mine. 8 of 8

    I know that is selfish. But I look at his face and I see traces of my features and I remember how I felt at his age, when the world was so big and my mom was the greatest part of my day. And it fills me with the warm fuzzies.

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