7 Reasons Kate Middleton Should Start Reading Mom Blogs

As the world rejoices the birth of His Royal Highness Prince of Cambridge, I have more than the fate of the British monarchy on my mind. As a mother, I have my sights set on Kate.

While it may seem that the collective world population is standing in Kate’s corner, I suspect all of the pomp, circumstance, and insatiable curiosity surrounding Britain’s new prince to render a deep and profound isolation. It’s for this reason that I hope Kate allows the blogosphere to help her navigate through new motherhood.

  • Congratulations Kate! 1 of 8

    In between midnight feedings we hope Kate starts reading mom blogs for the following reasons.

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  • She has a uterus 2 of 8

    And not just any uterus, a royal uterus. As every once-inhabited uterus owner knows, mom bloggers aren't afraid to talk openly about stuff like missile breasts, unrecognizable nether regions, MIA libidos, and of course, muffin top. Every new mother deserves candid intel from postpartum trenches and something tells me the Queen Mother isn't up for sharing.

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  • Everybody’s watching her 3 of 8

    Remember how pissed you felt every time your mother-in-law watched you with judgey eyes? Now multiply that by a quadrillion-gazillion and you'll understand a fraction of the judgement bestowed upon dear Kate. Girlfriend needs more than a flock well wishers, she needs a legion of staunch supporters through her transition to motherhood. Kate, I speak on behalf of the mom blogging population (which I know better than doing) when I tell you that we don't care if you breast or bottle feed, co-sleep, immunize, babywear, or ever lose the baby weight. We just want you and your precious son to be healthy and happy.

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  • It’s OK to ask for help 4 of 8

    More than anything I want Kate to know that it's OK to ask for help should she need it. Blogging angels like Katherine Stone of Postpartum Progress work tirelessly to provide mothers with the mental health resources they need. Should Kate find herself struggling or unable to find her footing, I hope she knows there's a world of blog love available to help her through.

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  • She’ll have questions 5 of 8

    I know the Duchess of Cambridge and her sweet prince have access to the best medical care available, but that doesn't necessarily mean Kate will feel comfortable asking the really pressing questions that keep new mothers up at night.


    Stuff like:

    Is my son's penis supposed to bend like that?

    What can I do about these %$#& bleeding nipples?

    Why does my baby's poop look like chunky peanut butter?

    Will my son experience male pattern baldness?

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  • We’ll say what she can’t 6 of 8

    Most of us lack the decorum to survive five minutes in Kate's heavily supervised designer heels. We're too busy telling it like it is to worry about how our personal beliefs might be perceived by others. For this reason I want Kate to know that she can count on mom bloggers to say the things she wishes she could say out loud.

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  • Mom army 7 of 8

    Mom bloggers are the secret army Kate may not even know she has. We will defend Kate's maternal choices because in doing so we're defending the choices of all mothers.

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  • Parenthood is crazy awesome 8 of 8

    There is simply nothing better or more ridiculous than parenthood. The world might think they know Kate's happily ever after, but mom bloggers recognize that the real beauty of parenthood emerges from the chaos.

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