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7 Things I Would Have Missed Out On If I Wasn't a Mom

7 Things I Would Have Missed Out On If I Wasn't a MomThis past week has been one of those rare times where I caught myself wondering what life would be like if things worked out differently.

It wasn’t really out of no where — the 5 of us all got struck down with this cold/flu thing and as the mom it seemed I was in charge of making everyone else comfortable despite my 103+F fever. All I really wanted to do was lay in bed in a puddle of my own sick sweat and sleep it off. Instead, I was walking around in my own sick sweat and tending to the needs of everyone else. I was thankful my sick husband was still off on holidays and he and I tag-teamed when we needed to, but I did wonder how much easier nursing myself out of the flu would have been if I didn’t have kids.

I don’t like to think that too much because being a mom is something I have always wanted and it didn’t come easy to me. So in those rare moments of wonder, I also like to think about what I would have missed out on if I wasn’t a mom… some are good and some not so much.

Click through to read 7 things I would have missed out on if I wasn’t a mom:

  • Understanding Why Tinsel Was Banned 1 of 7
    Understanding Why Tinsel Was Banned
    When I was growing up, Christmas tinsel and Easter grass was banned from our house. I never understood it until I had kids and that stuff got everywhere!
    Photo credit: photostock
  • Coffee 2 of 7
    I never drank coffee until after my third child was born. They've given me this nectar at least.
    Photo credit: photostock
  • Seeing Persistence Pay Off 3 of 7
    Seeing Persistence Pay Off
    There is something magical about watching your kids work hard to achieve something. Seeing them work to get it just right and that smile on their face when they get it -- awesome!
    Photo credit: photostock
  • Finding Comfort in Cuddles 4 of 7
    Finding Comfort in Cuddles
    I have never been a cuddly person and prefer to have my space to myself. Having kids has opened me up to more touch and cuddles and being comfortable with it.
    Photo credit: photostock
  • Getting to Eat The Fun Things I Never Could As a Kid 5 of 7
    Getting to Eat The Fun Things I Never Could As a Kid
    I had good eating habits growing up thanks to the strict(ish) rules from my parents. We at mostly all home cooked and vegetarian. Now that I am a mom, I get to eat things I never tried growing up.
    Photo credit: iStockPhoto
  • A Real Hate for Something 6 of 7
    A Real Hate for Something
    Yep, laundry I hate you. If I never became a mom I would never hate laundry as much as I do.
    Photo credit: iStockPhoto
  • Finding the Fun in Winter Again 7 of 7
    Finding the Fun in Winter Again
    I have never been a fan of the cold or snow and would do everything to avoid going out in it. Having kids who (for their own weird reasons) love winter, has awoken some love for the season.
    Photo credit: iStockPhoto

Photo credit: adapted from  Glyn Lowe Photoworks /Flickr


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