8 Phrases You Probably Won't Ever Hear Me Say Now That I'm a Parent

8 Phrases You Probably Won't Hear Me Say as a ParentThere are some things in life you can just prepare for. When in school you can prepare for a test by studying and you can prepare for your marriage by talking to your partner and learning as much as you can about each other and communicating. When it comes to parenthood, you can read all you want and talk to as many people as you want, but there will always be surprises — things you didn’t know could or couldn’t happen.

I could produce an endlessly long list about all the things that parenthood brings me that betters my life. I am in love with my children beyond anything I thought would be possible before. However, with all that, there are still some times I would have liked to have been more prepared for some of the changes that happen. You may not read about them in a parenting book because they really are kind of insignificant as far as ‘life changes’ go, but you know what … it’s certainly changed some things about me — from what I do to what I say.

Click through to read 8 phrases you probably won’t ever hear me say as a parent:

  • “I Just Finished All The Laundry” 1 of 8
    "I Just Finished All The Laundry"
    I am afraid of how much laundry I have to do still. I'm convinced that it will be a life-long battle.
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  • “I Feel So Rested!” 2 of 8
    "I Feel So Rested!"
    Errr.. what does "well-rested" mean? I don't recall ... I think it's been just over 6 years.
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  • “My House is Spotless!” 3 of 8
    "My House is Spotless!"
    Ha, yeah... right. Maybe if the kids go away for an entire week somewhere I could say that for about an hour.
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  • “I Love Taking All the Kids Out” 4 of 8
    "I Love Taking All the Kids Out"
    Braving the stores with more kids than hands -- not exactly something I 'love'.
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  • “I’m Going to Quietly Read a Book” 5 of 8
    "I'm Going to Quietly Read a Book"
    Quiet?? I swear once the kids see me get comfortable on the couch to read they decide to let all heck loose.
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  • “I Love Talking on the Phone” 6 of 8
    "I Love Talking on the Phone"
    Said never. Unless you love saying "pardon, my kids are so loud" over and over again.
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  • “I Totally Know What I’m Doing” 7 of 8
    "I Totally Know What I'm Doing"
    I wish. There will never be a time where I don't question something about our parenting.
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  • “I Had a Warm Meal Last Night” 8 of 8
    "I Had a Warm Meal Last Night"
    Um, room temperature or cold, but rarely warm or hot...
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