8 Things I Wish My Kids Understood Already

8 Things I Wish My Kids Understood AlreadyRaising kids is a completely satisfying job and I am so glad I have been able to add it to my life list. But’s a long job, that’s for sure.

As any parent knows, there are some qualifications that we need to possess in order to survive parenting young kids. One of the biggest taks is cultivating patience. I’m still working on this one.

I have never been that great at waiting and when it comes to raising kids, there seems to be an awful lot of it. I waited for them to sleep for more than 4 hours at a time. I waited for them to learn how to walk and not need to be carried everywhere. I’m also waiting for them to understand some concepts that would certainly make my life easier.

Click through to read 8 things I really wish my kids already understood:

  • Yes, You Need Your Coat 1 of 8
    Yes, You Need Your Coat
    I always fight with the kids over coats and jackets this time of year. They don't want to wear their coats, but it's so cold that they have to. They don't understand this concept and constantly argue with me about it.
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  • I’m On The Phone, Not Out of The House 2 of 8
    I'm On The Phone, Not Out of The House
    When the phone rings and I answer it, my kids act like they're home all by themselves. The not-being-loud or no-running-in-the-house rules go out the window. One day I hope they understand that while I am on the phone, I can still hear and see them. Even if the person on the other end cannot.
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  • You Can’t Say You Don’t Like It 3 of 8
    You Can't Say You Don't Like It
    My kids will tell me, quite strongly, that they don't like to eat cooked carrots. That's totally okay to say except they've never eaten cooked carrots. One day I hope that they realize that they can't say they don't like something if they have not tried it.
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  • I Can Still Hear You 4 of 8
    I Can Still Hear You
    My kids seem to think a door is a magical thing and when it's closed, I can't hear them. What they don't realize yet is that their bedroom is not sound proof and I can hear them jumping and screaming. They always look shocked when I go in and tell them to quiet down.
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  • That’s Not Clean 5 of 8
    That's Not Clean
    We have a very different version and idea of what clean looks like. They don't understand that we should be able to see the floor.
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  • Vegetables Won’t Kill You 6 of 8
    Vegetables Won't Kill You
    They act like I would give them food that is going to harm them or that I purposely try to feed them food that they won't like... no, you crazy kids!
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  • I Can Still See You 7 of 8
    I Can Still See You
    My youngest will walk around with her hand over her eyes as she sneaks into my bedroom after she's been tucked in. She thinks that I can't see her since she can't see me. (Kind of like an ostrich.)
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  • Sarcasm 8 of 8
    Oh, when my kids understand the concept of sarcasm the world will be a better place :)
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