A-O Babble!


Hi. I’m Kacy. I’ll be writing here at Babble Kids every day so I thought it would be good to create my own custom shout-out to you. It goes like this, “A-O, Babble!” I guess I’m picturing that if Kid Scoop ever became some kind of live, touring show this would be my signature crowd-holla.

I would come out on stage and go, “A-O, Babble!” It’s cool, right? We’d have this awesome tour bus that the Duggars would sell to us for a really good price because they are always acquiring and then selling tour buses. If anyone has the scoop on kids it’s the Duggars. Am I right? Oh, I just love thinking about Michelle Duggar reading Babble Kids and waiting in line for tickets to our live show. She’d be all, “Usually people come to see me. But I want to see you guys talk about parenting, live!” And I’d just say, “Oh Michelle, I only have four kids. That’s nothing compared to you!”

And we would laugh and laugh and laugh and she would probably have a baby. Plop! But I wouldn’t. Because I’m DONE. (Biblical rhythm method notwithstanding, Knock on wood.) Oh, I’m just being silly—enjoy it because starting tomorrow I’ll be weighing in on hard-hitting parenting issues. Get psyched!

To be fair, I did get the idea for “A-O Babble” from Portlandia. See below. A-O Babble!


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