A PSA: Talk to Your Kids About Star Wars [Video]


It’s a frequent topic of debate between my husband and I, at what age will  our son will be mature enough to watch PG or PG-13 rated movies? My opinion? It’s right there in the title, 13, but my husband tends to cling to the “parental guidance” portion of the rating.

He’s practically frothing at the mouth to share the movies of his youth with Anders — movies like Indiana Jones, The Never-Ending Story, and Willow.

However, his excitement for all these combined does not equate to the longing he has to share the Star Wars trilogy with our son. That’s why I had to laugh when I came across this hilarious video of dads discussing how they will talk to their kids about the films from Asylum.

Check it out (and prepare for a laugh) after the jump.




When will you let your children watch PG or PG-13 films?

Photo credit: Flickr