A Summer Slow Down: Our Weekend in Photos


I don’t know about you, but we have spent far too many weekends this summer on the go. This season is supposed to be about leisure, naps in a hammock, and sipping iced tea on the porch while the kids run through the sprinklers in the yard. At least that’s what my Southern life-in-the country upbringing has led me to believe. Instead we have been busy remodeling our home, fighting our jungle of a yard, and rushing off to birthday parties, weddings, and other obligations.

I haven’t done much tea-sipping or hammock-lounging these last few months, but this weekend I decided to let the grass keep growing for a few more days, to put my phone on silent, and to just enjoy my children.

We had the simplest kind of fun. Here are a few photos from our weekend:

  • DIY Angry Birds 1 of 5
    DIY Angry Birds
    On Saturday morning we made our own Angry Birds game which was a refreshing change from allowing my 5-year-old to bury his face in a video game.
  • Pretty at the park 2 of 5
    Pretty at the park
    This is my daughter Danica. She won't graduate to big kid status from toddlerhood until March. More on her later.
  • Spider monkeys 3 of 5
    Spider monkeys
    Better the playground equipment than the climbing of walls and furniture in our home. The weather was cooler this weekend. We spent a lot of time outside.
  • Sunday afternoon 4 of 5
    Sunday afternoon
    We picked up a 24 pack of play-doh and spent three hours making clay creations.
  • Angry play-doh 5 of 5
    Angry play-doh
    I'll let you guess which one I crafted and which one belongs to Anders. Angry Birds were a weekend theme. My 5-year-old is obsessed.

What did your family do this weekend?

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