A Sweet Valentine's Day Tradition


love you After several disappointing Valentine’s nights spent waiting for HOURS at mediocre restaurants, my husband and I admitted to each other we weren’t that into it. I suggested that instead of Valentine’s Day, we go all out celebrating our love on our wedding anniversary, in September. The day we got married is more specific and important to us anyway.

But we still wanted to mark the holiday with the kids. Gabby from Design Mom once mentioned that her dad used to buy her and her sisters roses for Valentine’s Day. Very sweet.

This tradition inspired a new one in our family. I get a small present for my 2 sons and my husband is in charge of getting something for the 2 girls. My husband is a very hands-on dad, but I do most of the present-buying for our kids for all the other holidays. It’s sweet to see what he picks out for them and how he shows them he loves them.

Do you go all out for your spouse on Valentine’s Day? I’ve heard of couples who don’t get anything for the kids at all, since Valentine’s Day is about “romantic” love. My mom always gave us a small gift before school on Valentine’s Day. It was such a treat. I think it’s fun for my kids.

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