A Very Mommyfriend Christmas


This Christmas was a simple one and I was very grateful for it.

The only real bummer was that final trip made to Target on Christmas Eve-Eve where I had to park 5 miles away in the TJ Maxx parking lot and truck it all the way back to electronics only to find “Dolphin Tale” was completely sold out. Who woulda thought a movie about a fake dolphin tail would be so appealing? Not I.

Aside from the lack of dolphin gift goodness, our children enjoyed a very peaceful and wonderful Christmas.

Check out our Christmas morning!

  • Playing Santa was good fun! 1 of 9
    Playing Santa was good fun!
    This is me and the hubs. I regret our failure to dress in festive Christmas pajama wear. I wore a ratty old T-shirt and pilly Hello Kitty pants while hubs wore his "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" Paddy's Pub T-shirt and unmatching plaid pants.
  • They race toward the gifts! 2 of 9
    They race toward the gifts!
    Did they get everything they wanted? No, but they got good stuff.
  • BooBoo finds his scooter! 3 of 9
    BooBoo finds his scooter!
    It's a perfect fit!
  • Boy Wonder and his Uno Roboto 4 of 9
    Boy Wonder and his Uno Roboto
    I am self-proclaimed "Master of Uno" and Boy Wonder is determined to strip me of my title. Not happening kid.
  • More presents! 5 of 9
    More presents!
    That BooBoo is way cute. Just sayin'.
  • Family love! 6 of 9
    Family love!
    Wish I followed my own advice to be camera ready.
  • My favorite gift of all! 7 of 9
    My favorite gift of all!
    Handmade gifts are the bestest evah!
  • Kissy face! 8 of 9
    Kissy face!
    Photo credit: Boy Wonder
  • Our Christmas photo tradition 9 of 9
    Our Christmas photo tradition
    This is our family tradition. The story is a good one, you can read all about it on Yahoo Shine!

How was your Christmas morning?

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