A Week in the Life of My (Almost) Four Year Old

Our nearly four year old daughter keeps busy during her days at home and with friends. I always love to see what other people’s kids do during the day that are around her age. Maybe that’s why Instagram is so popular – so do many of you.

I snap pictures of her and share them like most moms do, mine just happen to be a bit more public on here or my blog. I walk the line of a mom on social media who shares but tries to find the line of oversharing about her child.  She’s a typical 4-year-old – tantrums, playdates, likes, and dislikes, and her own uniqueness shines through so much of her day. She’s also been through immense loss and upheaval in her short life that tends to make her different in ways not entirely noticeable to others.

I wanted to share what a week of a four year old is like. We start and end the days mostly the same, the in-between differs depending on the week and how busy I am working. Since Bella is the focus over here at Kid, this might be a bit of an introduction to her and our story.

  • Snuggles 1 of 13

    Every morning, Bella crawls into our bed to snuggle for a while with us. Sometimes it's at a very nice 7:30am, sometimes it's so early that I scoot as far away from her failing limbs as I can to catch just a bit more sleep. It's nice to have her curl up next to me though. 

  • Farmer’s Market 2 of 13
    day in the life-11

    We love taking Bella to the farmer's market in New Mexico on Saturdays. They have a kids tent set up for her to paint and craft in, and on this day there was even face painting. 

  • Moving 3 of 13

    Moving with children isn't easy, but we included Bella in as much of the process as we could. She was able to see the new home beforehand and say goodbye to the old one. We unpacked her room first to give her a sense of familiarity in her new room. 

  • Playdates 4 of 13

    As an only child, playdates are so important for us to have. I try to get Bella out and with other kids of all different ages a few times a week. This day we spent with my friend Laura and her two little ones. 

  • Tomboy 5 of 13

    Bella loves to be outside. We pretty much have to drag her in at night, literally kicking and screaming. In this picture she was holding a tupperware full of caterpillars to feed to our toad. 

  • New Friends 6 of 13

    My husband brought home a little toad from a parking lot. After it survived the first night and started eating, he then invested an extraordinary amount of money for a frog that was free. O_o He and Bella are so enthralled with this thing that I try not to say much. But really. It was free. 

  • Down Time 7 of 13

    We don't do a lot of screen time in our family. No cable and Bella watches a movie maybe once a week. 

  • Learning 8 of 13

    We love, love, love our Kiwi Crate for all things fun and educational - but also to let me feel a bit more crafty as a mom when I don't feel crafty at all. Bella and I stretch out the two to three crafts each month into times when it's too hot to be outside or we just feel bored of the same old routine. This particular craft was a mobile.

  • Birthday Party 9 of 13

    My child is obsessed with birthday parties. OBSESSED. I don't know if it's the balloons or cake or presents, but she tends to get pretty pumped to just talk about one. So being invited to one last weekend was the highlight of her life. I missed it, being out of town, but Sam took her. 

  • Trucks and Dirt 10 of 13

    I know so many little girls who are into trucks and dirt. I wish companies marketed more to that kind of a thing. Bella has 3 dolls and plays with approximately zero of them on a regular basis, probably because I won't let them go in the dirt. 

  • Out for a Walk 11 of 13

    One of the first evenings in our new neighborhood, we took a walk down to the mailbox. Bella would run as fast as she could, repeatedly shouting, "Mama, watch me, are you watching? Are you looking? Are you watching now?" Yep. I still was. 

  • Bedtime 12 of 13

    Before bed, we curl up with a book and read. This night we read the Heaven Is for Real book that Bella loves. Having 3 brothers in heaven means we spend a lot of time talking about what it might be like up there. I'm pretty sure she still thinks heaven is in the attic, but we're working on it. It's a hard concept even for adults!

  • Quiet Time 13 of 13

    After bath, story, prayer, and song, Bella gets to read and talk with her animals "bery quietly" for a few minutes before she falls asleep. Most of the time, this is what happens. Other times we finally have to go in to calm her down from some sort of second wind she's gotten. 


Diana blogs at Diana Wrote about her life with a daughter here and three sons in heaven, life as an army wife, and her faith. You can also find her work on Liberating Working MomsShe Reads TruthThe New York Times, and The Huffington Post. Smaller glimpses into her day are on TwitterFacebook, and Instagram.


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