A Weekend Of … Nothing


JD told me I’m not fun and did nothing for him this weekend. Blah-Blah-Blah.

This is because our weekend was admittedly low-key and I don’t care. I.DON’T.CARE.

My kid is used to doing fun things all the time: Hawaii, Parks, Ice skating, Bowling-Museum-Snow Play, Kid bday parties … we practiced sight words and read books this weekend, haha.

This weekend was drippy, damp, chilly, misty and gloomy. I had no energy to excel at … anything. I sought solace. I sound like a bad mom. Good.

For the record, my iCal is currently filled with JD kid parties for the next 5 weeks. Yeah.

Truth: It’s  5:23 PM on Sunday and I just want to eat spaghetti and meatballs, get my kid to sleep and watch the Golden Globes, Girls and Enlightened. I want peace.

Here’s a look at our totally boring weekend. Whatever, child. I tried. Mom was burned out.

  • Bye bye tree 1 of 5
    Bye bye tree
    We took our time (hehe) removing the ornaments and wrapping them up. (Awesome time killer!) Uncle Bri came over to help us remove it.
  • Kickin it! 2 of 5
    Kickin it!
    JD had his standard karate class on Saturday morning and got to bring a friend. This was fun and special, I thought. I THOUGHT! Sheesh.
  • Children’s mass 3 of 5
    Children's mass
    JD and I are Roman Catholic. We attend mass most Sunday mornings. Here, JD with bite-size parishioners singing on the stage. Ahhh.
  • Painting by numbers 4 of 5
    Painting by numbers
    I gave JD a paint-by-#s project I'd been hoarding from a goody bag for a rainy day. He didn't paint by #s. Us artists break rules. Atta boy!!
  • Movie Screening 5 of 5
    Movie Screening
    I turned off the lights. Drew the blinds and curtains. Made popcorn and set out a bowl of M&Ms. We watched The Mighty Ducks! We both loved it. Photo Credit: IMDb

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