On Grandparents Day Imagine A World Without Them


grandson grandfather out for a walkGrandparents Day is tomorrow.

Sure, you could wince and call it another manufactured reason for Hallmark to sell thousands of $5 cards, but I actually like Grandparents Day more than Mother’s Day or Father’s Day.

My grandparents are my two favorite people to have ever walked this earth.

Sure, it helps they were the ones that took me to Disneyland when I was 6, and took me to my first hockey game, and spoiled me forever; but they really are my favorite people.

I want my boys to have that same feeling for my parents. I won’t be upset at all if they picked Nana and Grandpapa as their favorite people in the world, I just wish they had a chance to see them more. To that end, I wish we had them around to help us out more.

My parents and in-laws don’t live in the same city as us. One set is 600 miles west, the other set is 1200 miles east.

My boys see their grands a handful of times a year. My parents are very aware they need to work hard to build that bond. My kids are well on the way to looking up to their Grands as the Best People In The World, but it’s taken some effort.

If you’ve got your parents or in-laws in the same city, or state, you’ve got it good. It can get a little nitpicky having a mother-in-law peering over your shoulder, but it really is one of the greatest things in the world for your kids.

Are your kid’s grandparents in the same city as you? Do they get to see them often?

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