Addie Loves Babies and Babies Love Her


Addie was mildly interested in my pregnancy. She didn’t understand why it took so long to cook a baby and I don’t think she ever grasped the concept that there was an actual human in there until Vivi came out and Addie had an actual baby too play with and hold. Now that my sister is hugely pregnant and due any darn moment, Addie gets the whole concept of pregnancy and babies now and is out of her curly head with excitement for her new cousin.

If that baby doesn’t come by the time Addie heads back home on Tuesday she will be devastated.

My sister has loved having Addie’s excitement and enthusiasm around, also her willingness to rub her back with a rolling pin in IKEA.

Earlier in the day we watched over a friend’s baby who is two months younger and about twenty pounds lighter than Vivi. Addie just gets babies. She plays with them, she’s so gentle with them and she  loves to be around them. It’s spectacular really, I never had a thing for babies, but Addie? Well if there’s some way Addie could make a career out of hanging out with babies, she’d be a very rich and happy lady.

C’mon baby TJ. We all want to meet you but I can promise you no one will love you the way Addie loves you.

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